Bogomolets National Medical University



The history for establishment of postgraduate education at O.O. Bohomolets National medical university with its origin goes back to the medical faculty of Saint Volodymyr University, founded in 1841. The work on launch of system for postgraduate education of doctors started namely in this center of occupational training at the initiative of Ministry of people’s education. In particular, the letter by guardian in Kyiv educational district V.V. Velyaminov-Zernov, dd. 24, March, 1899, raised the issue about organization of special courses at universities for improvement of training of doctors.

We can state about the fact for origin of the first university center of postgraduate education in medical faculty of Saint Volodymyr University since 1906 that is confirmed by “Rules for special and review courses for doctors at medical faculty of Emperor Saint Volodymyr University”, approved by comrade minister of people’s education P.P. Izvolskyy. In particular, the abovementioned rules stated the following:

“1. Medical faculty of Emperor Saint Volodymyr University opens the review courses in different medical subjects for separate groups of doctors.

  1. The abovementioned courses are opened once during academic year, namely since 1, December until 15, January.
  2. The special and review courses are run both by professors from medical faculty of Saint Volodymyr University and privat-docents of the same University.
  3. The medical faculty elects the special commission consisting of three members in faculty for organization and fulfillment of teaching.
  4. The commission of review courses in advance sends the questions forms about those courses to teachers and pursuant to submitted applications it distributes the courses due to days and hours of the week mentioning the places of reading or practical classes.

The timetable is approved by faculty and announcements about opening of courses are in advance published in medical and general editions at the choice of commissions.

  1. The doctors that wish to attend the review courses submit the petition to Mr. Rector on general grounds, who permits the issues of admission passes.
  2. The special payment is charged in favor of some teachers, whose lectures and supervision the doctors wish to use, in the amount of one ruble per weekly time of each course, hereby 25% from abovementioned payment is charged to cover the expenses on practical classes for doctors in educational auxiliary establishments of University and for maintenance of executive office and courses”.

Thus, launching the review courses in 1906 at medical faculty of Saint Volodymyr University, which legal successor is now O.O. Bohomolets National medical university is the initial point for establishment of university postgraduate education of doctors in Ukraine.

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