Bogomolets National Medical University



The regular meeting for Commission on Issues of Bioethical Examination and Ethics of Scientific Researches, chaired by professor Shepetko Ye.M., took place on 10, April, 2018.

The report “Modern problem of depression in patients at the background of somatic pathology and their medical social rehabilitation” (reporter: postgraduate student at department of psychiatrics and narcology at O.O. Bogomolets NMU Bedlynskyi Volodymyr) was listened to together with the school-seminar “Problems of bioethics and biophysics of living matters” (scientific supervisor Yehorenkov A.I.) for students and teachers.

The urgency of this report for attendants in school-semnar and participants in meeting of Commission was related to the fact that according to the data from WHO, the depression in industrially developed states with high level of incomes will be one from the main reasons for disability among population. The reporter told that according to the data from WHO, over 322 millions persons suffer from depression, this is 4.4% of world population, approximately 788 thousands persons die as a result from suicide at the background of depressive symptoms, 1.5% (from all deaths in population). The number of patients with depression during the period since 2005 until 2015 has grown by 18.4%. While discussing the report they paid attention to the fact that 2.8 millions persons suffer from depression in Ukraine that is 6.3% from population (the highest index in Europe). The conclusions about urgency of researches on all biomedical and bioethical aspects of this topic were made.

Besides, they considered the protocols of research by postgraduate students that have been working on their dissertation researches. The chairman at the meeting paid attention of present people to necessity in documentary confirmation if the part of researches is held in another experimental or clinical base. The document for such confirmation may for example be the agreement about cooperation between O.O. Bogomolets NMU (or its subdivision) with another scientific establishment. The example of qualitative execution of documents at this meeting was the department of human anatomy. The materials by postgraduate students from this department, which were submitted to the Commission, included a copy of “Agreement about scientific cooperation” between O.O. Bogomolets National Medical University and M.I. Pyrohov Vinnytsia National Medical University. While discussing other protocols of researches the members in Commission made certain remarks about scientific correction and conformity between titles of dissertation researches and their purpose. In general, this meeting, including the first (school-seminar “Problems of bioethics and physics of living matters”) and the second (expert in bioethics) parts was held in creative and productive atmosphere.

Commission on Issues of Bioethical Examination