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The 21st of March is the International Down’s Syndrome Day. On this day the users of social networks perform the flashmob “Lots of Socks”. The participants take photo in bright unpaired socks in order to express the solidarity with people with Down’s syndrome.

The day to perform the International Down’s Syndrome Day is chosen not by chance, this is the twenty first day in the third month relates to 3 copies of the 21st chromosomes. For the first time, they started celebrating this Day since 2006 and it was founded on the 6th international symposium of Down’s syndrome, held in Palma de Majorca (Spain) at the initiative of International (IDSA) and European (EDSA) Down’s Syndrome Associations. In December, 2011 the UN General Assembly suggested all states and international organizations celebrating this day since 2012. The International Down’s Syndrome Day aims to attract the attention of society to the problems of human with limited capabilities. They are extraordinary with their amazing warm-heartedness, openness, naivety, kindness, cheerfulness, incredible positive!

The main purpose for performance of flashmob “Lots of Socks” is to improve the level of information awareness at society and to attract the attention to the necessity to improve the life quality of people with this syndrome. The students and teachers from medical faculty No 3 joined to the World flashmob “Lots of Socks”, they put on different socks and performed the flashmob that was supported by sunny days from rehabilitation center “Rodyna”, with which the faculty cooperates during three years in succession. On 31, March, 2018 the students of the faculty organize the holiday for children from RC “Rodyna”. The fairy tale “Cinderella”, songs, contests, sweet buffet and, of course, warm communication at RC “Rodyna” are waiting for everyone: “Fine fellows! How the heart is glad that every year the population more and more informs about people with Down’s syndrome. As all different people are equal people! We are waiting for you on 31, March in different socks!!!”

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