Bogomolets National Medical University



On 27, March, in the world, starting since 1961, they celebrate World Theater Day. On this day, in addition to solemn traditional celebrations and congratulations, on stages of all theaters in the world they show the best performances, in particular amateur ones. This year, on 27, March, 2018 on occasion of celebration of Theater Day at department of Ukrainian studies at NMU they made the improvised theatrical performance due to the motives from cycle of stories “Notes of young doctor”, which author is the graduate from medical faculty of our university  in 1916, world-known doctor and writer Mykhailo Bulhakov. National and foreign students took part in production.

“Notes of young doctor” is the cycle of stories, from which the literary career of Mykhailo Bulhakov started. M. Bulhakov tells about different clinical cases. All “notes” are based on real experience, which Bulhakov acquired while working as a district doctor in Mykilskyi. In general, the cycle contains seven stories, each of which has the finished plot. A reader gets acquainted with the young doctor, who has no experience at that time when he for the first time starts practicing. At once the difficult operation is waiting for him – the amputation of the leg at country girl. After that the doctor had to solve a number of not simple situations: to deliver a baby, to make the tracheotomy to the little girl, etc. A separate story was devoted to each from cases, and a reader can see, how the doctor gradually grows up, acquires the experience.

The medical students during mini play of amateur performance for an hour merged into village life at the beginning of the XX century and skillfully demonstrated that each story in “Notes of young doctor” is the original drama, each patient is the personality, to whom the special approach is needed, and each patient is the mystery, which shall be solved immediately, as at stake there is the most important thing – human life.

Department of Ukrainian Studies