Bogomolets National Medical University



On 15, February, 2018 the department of pharmacology in lecture hall No 2 in morphological building of O.O. Bogomolets National Medical University presented the updated lecture to the students from the 3rd course in medical faculty No 1 using the interactive multimedia system. The lecture “Medicines that influence on hemopoiesis” was presented by head at department of pharmacology professor Hanna Zaichenko.

What does the update include? Firstly, this was the lecture that lasted 45 minutes. Secondly, it was held in the new format using the systems of interactive survey of students online. Ten such systems were bought before start of the new semester and installed in the largest lecture halls of academic buildings at O.O. Bogomolets National Medical University. Some weeks have passed since declaration of idea about change in paradigm for lecture reading to its implementation but how they changes the usual routine for preparation and performance of this kind of academic activity! We are sure that the innovative forms together with updated content of each lecture will become the important factor for motivation of students to master the new material, to improve the efficiency in use of time for classroom activity and will assist to objectivization in assessment of quality in work of lecturer and student.

Some preparatory events at university, in particular workshops for teachers-lecturers within university program in faculty development from Center of Continuous Medical Education at Institute of Postgraduate Education – trainings in “technical” preparation and drilling of working skills with interactive systems with participation of representative from official distributor of company “Turning Technologies” in Ukraine, preceded this event. Some orders at university that were issued during this academic year, which clearly and transparently set the requirements to structure and content of lectures, lecturer, technical execution of presentations, update of content according to modern requirements and best basic textbooks in discipline. The personal example by rector – Kateryna Mykolaivna Amosova, who was the first one that read the lecture for teachers in methodical approaches to reading lectures for modern generation of students and read the first lecture in new format for students, is worthy of great respect. This is the brilliant model to implement the quality management system of educational process in daily life of university.

Department of Pharmacology

Dean’s Office of Pharmaceutical Faculty