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The regular lecture-training in cycle of continuous scientific education for young scientists and members in O.A. Kysil SSS was held on 27, March, 2018. The topic of lecture was “Use of bioethical knowledge and abilities for analysis of ethical problems in modern biomedical technologies”. The event was held in the premise of National Museum of Medicine of Ukraine that created the additional advantages for perception of the topic. During this event they discussed the following issues: which were the medical historical prerequisites for origin of ethical problems in modern biomedical technologies? Why does the modern development of biomedicine require the analysis of ethical problems? What is the risk for society in transformation of modern biomedicine from function of human “treatment” to function of its “modification”? What are the ways for minimization of these risks? Can the biomedicine “influence” on “human nature” (in philosophical anthropological sense of this concept)? Which competencies are necessary to modern doctor and scientist for solution of these problems? What is NBIC – technologies and their influence on medicine and bioethical problems?

After the main lecture by Yehorenkov A.I. and review of prepared video materials on topic, the present experts expressed their point of view (in particular, members in Commission on issues of bioethical examination of NMU – assistant professor Medvediev V.V., assistant professor Seliukov H.I. and the representatives from other scientific establishments in Kyiv) – specialists on issues of bioethics and medicine. Not only present but remote experts shared with their reflections in the form of video records (professor Hliantsev S.P. “To whom and about what is it necessary to think before transplantation of the head to the human?), professor Tyshchenko P.D. “Does the “invasion of clones” threaten to the humankind?”). Among them there was the specialist from Germany (Dr. med. A. Werner, HELIOS Klinikum Krefeld Klinik fur Herz- und Thoraxchirurgie), who told about medical and legal peculiarities for donorship of organs in his country.

The student of the 2nd course in medical faculty No 1 at O.O. Bogomolets NMU Sorokopud Kateryna, who visited this event, expressed her thought about it: “The seminar was very saturated and informative. The lecturer and present experts raised the questions, which, I am sure, concerned every one of us for many times, including medical students. I personally for myself cleared out that at the first sight the purely medical problems (for example, related to transplantology, cryonics, public demonstration of anatomic materials, etc.) have the significant social and ethical consequences for society. This training significantly differed from usual academic lecture due to the structure for submission of material and direct connection between different spheres of knowledge. I also mentioned the concentration and emotional perception of topic at lecture by present students during discussion of those issues. Besides, I liked the creative atmosphere of the whole event very much, including the bioethical theatricalized etude (suggested to present people for the most complete disclosure of lecture topic and in commemoration of International Theater Day, according to the scenario of scientific publication by assistant professor A.I. Yehorenkov) that was prepared by students and devoted to the problem of suicides among youth and collisions as to informed consent during performance of medical researches”.

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