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Americans tell: “What does your smile say about you?” The modern esthetical dentistry makes all possible so that your smile would tell about your success, your beauty and health. One from methods to achieve the perfect smile is the art restoration method. The procedure of art teeth restoration differs with its labor intensity as a dentist shall select the material so that a restored tooth would maximally be identical to natural one. Here a doctor in fact tries the role of artist on himself/herself and it is necessary to have the great mastery and successful experience in such operation in order to perform such work with good quality.

On 6, April, future dentists had the chance to improve their professional workmanship – the master class in teeth restoration using the materials from company “3M” was held on the base of dental faculty at O.O. Bogomolets National Medical University in training center on new phantoms. This company is the manufacturer of high class dental materials – it not for the first time helps to perform this event at NMU. The students that demonstrate the best results at master class are recommended for participation in contest for the best practical work under clinical conditions at the level of University and the whole country. The students of O.O. Bogomolets NMU took the prize places in contests of occupational workmanship at different levels for many times.

This time 20 students from dental faculty in the 4th-5th courses took part in master class, which was held by certified trainer of 3M Andrii Zhuikov. The students under supervision of professor at department of therapeutic dentistry Yuliia Kolenko mastered one form methodologies for direct restoration of teeth on phantoms. Future doctors qualitatively and confidently performed the planned work, having demonstrated no mean abilities and readiness for practical activity of doctor-dentist. Further there is the contest of occupational workmanship in clinical conditions.

 Dean’s Office of Dental Faculty

Department of Therapeutic Dentistry