Bogomolets National Medical University



The meeting with the heads at clinical departments and responsible persons for treatment activity and divisions of NMU (Dental Medical Center and Institute of Problems of Pathology) on topic about peculiarities for rendering the treatment consulting aid to population by university employees and bringing the treatment prevention activity by teachers and professors at clinical departments to European standards took place on 10, January, 2018.

The head at division of treatment consulting activity, assistant professor Didkovska V.L. reported the information about implementation of effective order by MH of Ukraine No 1422, dd. 29, December, 2016, into practice of clinical departments at NMU that allows Ukrainian doctors using the international clinical protocols in their work and with the analysis for observance of standards (unified clinical protocols) for medical aid due to principles of evidence-based medicine at clinical bases of departments with therapeutic specialization. The deputy head at division of treatment consulting activity Tsymbaliuk R.S. made the report about peculiarities and innovations in registration of treatment load in clinical departments of NMU.

The professor at department of forensic medicine and medical law Babkina O.P. accentuated the attention of doctors on importance in filling in the consent of patient for further objective assessment of doctor’s action at origin of conflict and disputable situations with participation of lawyers. The professor at department of anesthesiology and intensive care, President of association of doctors-anesthesiologists with proposals and wishes provided with the explanations as to possibilities for application of European clinical protocols in practice. The head at department of infectious diseases, professor Holubovska O.A. made the proposal to include the World Health Organization as the most suitable health care system for Ukraine into the list of sources for development of new clinical protocols for treatment and diagnostics. The head at department of pediatrics No 1, Doctor of Medicine, Berezenko V.S., emphasized on necessity in participation of specialized associations and scientific pedagogical employees at departments of higher medical schools in development of new clinical protocols.

The head at department of anesthesiology and intensive care, corresponding member in NAMS of Ukraine Hlumcher F.S., head at department of therapy, infectious diseases and dermatovenerology of PGE, professor Hubska O.Yu., responsible for treatment work at department of obstetrics and gynecology No 3, assistant professor Usevych I.A., responsible for treatment activity at department of neurology, assistant professor Prokopiv M.M. also took part in discussion of problems about implementation of clinical protocols into practice.


Division of Treatment Consulting Activity