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This was informed by rector of NMU after air in program “Kyiv LIVE” at TRC “Kyiv”, commenting on the information, which recently appeared in mass media about situation with external testing.

The information, spread by some mass media in the misrepresented form, and that accused me personally that my actions caused to failure of state exams, does not conform to reality.

In order to avoid any possible insinuations on topic of exams “KROK-1. Dentistry”, which the students of NMU will pass, I would like to mention that National Medical University of Ukraine always acted in the legal framework in complete conformity to the legislation of Ukraine and honestly follows to financial discipline”, – informed the rector of NMU.

The point of the issues is that as it is anticipated by legislation of Ukraine and according to constituent documents of National Medical University, at the end of December last year, due to the period, established by law, we submitted the estimate for 2018 to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. This is the main financial document, according to which the state educational establishment lives and we treat its composition very captiously. It was approved on 24, January – two weeks ago, and on 29, January it was registered at State Treasury. Before the estimate was approved, namely on 18, January, we received the letter from SU “Center of Testing”, which informed us about cost for each kind of exams “Krok”, as well as provided with sample of agreement for procurement of services for state funds and the price proposal in the amount of UAH 1.39 millions. The letter was signed by director of SU “Center of Testing” and affixed with wet stamp. However we could not order their service in no legal way as the estimate at that moment has not been approved and the price proposal corresponded almost to UAH 1.4 millions.

“The procurements for such sum according to effective legislation shall pass through compulsory procedure of tender with participation of some participants”, – emphasized K. Amosova. According to legislation of Ukraine National Medical University shall announce the tender at procurements for the sum that exceeds UAH 200 thousands. Thus, we acted exclusively within the legal framework”. – added she.

The rector also added that on 26, January, as soon as MH agreed the estimate of NMU, they announced the appropriate tender for procurement of services in licensing testing, necessary for NMU.

“The tender, based on open bidding, was announced taking into consideration the explanations, received by NMU in letter from State Audit Service of Ukraine, dd. 27.07.2017 No 31-14/1113 and according to provisions of Art. 12 in Law of Ukraine “About public procurements”, – informed Amosova.

SU “Center of Testing” was informed about announcement of open tender with corresponding letter, dd. 25, January that we learnt about approval of estimate. The letter clearly mentioned that the procedure for tender opening will be held on 14, February. However, since 25, January until 4, February no proposals from SU “Center of Testing” as to participation in tender were received. On 5, February we received the letter from SU “Center of Testing” with the proposal to cancer the procedure for procurement, based on open tender, and to pass to procurement of services through application of negotiation procedure but later after explanation, provided by NMU, “Center of Testing” recalled its letter. And thus the procedure will be held in the format of open tender”.

“National Medical University”, acting pursuant to effective legislation and within the competence, guaranties taking exams during established period on 20, February, 2018”, – emphasized Amosova.

NMU completely realizes the responsibility to Ukraine and students’ community in solution of this issue.

Source:: Ukrainian news