Bogomolets National Medical University



On 3, April the teachers and students of O.O. Bogomolets National Medical University honored the memory of Volodymyr Yurychko – Hero of Ukraine, who gave his life for its freedom and independence. On this day Volodymyr would be 24 years old. But he will always remain as the cheerful 20 years old student in medical faculty No 3 in our memory, who loved his native land most of all and believed in happy future of his people. The young medical student was the participant in Revolution of Dignity and directly from Maidan, due to the call of the heart, he went to the war, from which unfortunately he did not return.

On this spring day the students of medical faculty No 3 honored his memory with putting the flowers to the bas-relief, on administrative building of University, in lecture hall that has the name of Volodymyr Yurychko and concert. The honorary guest at the concert was the sister of Hero – Solomiia Yurychko. The heads of concert created the atmosphere of sincere and light sorrow for the heroes, who perished for Ukraine, the participants in the concert – students of medical faculties No 3, No 2, No 1, FTDAFU, dental faculty helped them in it. At the same time with the concert online they broadcasted the concert to all, who wished. The memorable events were held in small Motherland of Volodia in city Sambor in Lviv region.

We express the sincere gratitude and support to parents of Volodymyr Yurychko – Liliia Bohdanivna and Volodymyr Volodymyrovych, relatives, friends, fellow countrymen. The wounds from severe losses will never cure. And our task is to make all possible so that the deaths of patriots would not be useless.

We remember. We are grateful and believe that the memory about heroic deeds of Volodymyr Yurychko, heroes, who gave the most valuable thing – life – in struggle for freedom and independence of Ukraine, will live for ever. Glory to Ukraine! Glory to Heroes!

Deans Office of Medical Faculty No 3

Department of Organizational Pedagogical Activity and Pre-University Training