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21st  of July 2014, press conference of Bogomolets National Medical University’s teachers and students was held at capital informational agency “Interfax”. The topic was: “Escalating situation around position of National medical university continuous. Who is who: teachers and students express their opinions”.
Press-conference was participated spoken by Bogomolets National Medical University prorector, professor Yaroslav Tsekhmister; associate professor Borys Koval; co-head of University Anti-Corruption committee – student Volodymyr Motorniy, head of students nonprofit organization “StudDovira” – student Vasyl Gilyk, head of by Bogomolets National Medical University students parliament – student Petro Zgursky..
Bogomolets National Medical University collective is highly disturbed by information, which discredits higher educational establishment, spreading in mass media. Last time absolutely false anonymous allegations against Bogomolets National Medical University about expel or stipend deprivation of students, which supported ex-rector Vutaliy Moskalenko, and also about refusal to accept documents from entrants from Western Ukraine, started to appear in mass media.
“Today the real informational war is waging against National medical university. Unfortunately, not all mass medias check information before publishing. That is why explicit lie and slander, which look like as specially ordered, becomes an acquisition of public. Administration is absolutely open, call us and we will answer all questions and provide all information. For example, for today medical university received and registered more than 498 application forms from entrants form Donetsk, Luhansk and Crimea regions. It is easy to check. Considering students’ allowance, they are allocated only on the grounds of order according to study results and demonstrated success along with approval by students’ government” – admits prorector Yaroslav Tsehmister.
Furthermore head of Students parliament, student Petro Zgurskiy, emphasizes that “None of students were expelled without reason. I sign all expel documents and I can confidently declare – they all met the demands and standards of institution. Those, who didn’t pass the examinations and couldn’t be transferred to next year, stopped to be students. Regarding other students rights violations, information about which appears in mass media – students’ government bodies know nothing about such facts. And it means such facts didn’t take place. Believe me, when students rights are violated, surely they appeal for protection, firstly, to us, additionally this information are spreading in social networks”.
Collective and students insist on that there are no any grounds for such statements, which discredit University. All these are done by persons, which resist to democratic changes in the institution.
“Informational war, which is being waged with university by old power representatives, shows that they try force us to use their methods. Expel, allowance deprivation, explicit lie, students oppression – that are all we marched against few months ago and won. And we will not let anyone return all of this to our high educational establishment”, – declares co-head of Bogomolets National Medical University Anti-Corruption committee, student Volodymyr Motorniy.
“Students are able and want along with new leadership create new face of medical university. Unfortunately, instead of put all the efforts to productive work of democratic transformations implementation, we have to fight against “ghosts from past”, which don’t want to understand that their time has passed irreversibly”, – says head of students nonprofit organization “StudDovira” – student Vasyl Gilyk.
“The biggest collective indignation is caused by the fact that information is published during the entering campaign. That may result in worsening the authority of famous higher educational establishment, where more than fifteen hundreds of students from 64 countries study.
“All that changes necessary for the university, which new team was able to implement for two months of work, are endangered by slander and lie. We put a lot of efforts to tackle the corruption and bureaucracy and we want to warn our opponents that we will further struggle to make these positive changes irreversible” – declares associated professor Borys Koval.
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Новини Національго медичного університету НМУ