Bogomolets National Medical University


The first meeting of Supervisory Council at Bogomolets NMU in its new composition was held on 28, March, 2014 in conference hall of administrative building of University. Pro-rectors, heads at divisions, members in commission from MHC of Ukraine, student activists were invited to meeting.
Acting rector at University professor K.M. Amosova mentioned that it was the high honor to receive the members of Supervisory council and offered each of the present people to introduce themselves. They announced their surnames, names, posts – the life experience and achievements are behind everyone of them, and the impulse to participation in work of the council was the attraction and desire to move forwards.
Supervisory council shall carry out its activity through directing the efforts of its members, heads and employees of University to establish the conditions for successful activity and development of University as a modern national higher educational establishment, which at integration into world educational system is designed to provide with the high level in development of national education and medicine.
The first issues at the agenda of the meeting were the discussions of personal composition for Supervisory council and approval of By-laws about Supervisory council.
The Supervisory council at Bogomolets National medical university, approved by director in Department on work with personnel, education and science at MHC of Ukraine M.Osiychuk, included the following persons due to their consent:
SCHERBAK Yuriy Mykolayovych – public leader, doctor, writer, publicist, politician, diplomat, chairman.
KRYSHTAL Oleg Oleksandrovych – academician in NAS of Ukraine, director in Institute of physiology at NAS of Ukraine.
PYROG Liubomyr Antonovych – corresponding member in NAS of Ukraine, academician in NAMS of Ukraine, professor at department of nephrology at P.L. Shupyka National medical academy of postgraduate education.
POPOVYCH Myroslav Volodymyrovych – academician in NAS of Ukraine, director in G.S. Skovoroda Institute of philosophy at NAS of Ukraine.
Metropolitan Lvivskyy and Sokalskyyy Dimitriy (Rudiuk Vadym Mykolayovych) – metropolitan of Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Kyiv Patriarchate.
BOGOMOLETS Olga Vadymivna – public leader, Honorary Doctor of Ukraine, Doctor of Medicine, professor
VAKARCHUK Sviatoslav Ivanovych – public leader, Ukrainian musician, vocalist, leader of rock group “Okean Elzy”
GRYNEVYCH Liliia Mykhaylivna – people’s deputy of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, chairman in committee of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on issues of science and education
GOPKO Ganna – public active member
All members in Supervisory council, except Sviatoslav Vekarchuk, who was absent due to valid reason, were present at the meeting.
The council elected O. Kryshtal to the post of deputy chairman and G. Gopko to the post of secretary, resolved to gather once per 2-3 months, heard and discussed the report by Ye. Volgina about results from complex commission audit for activity of Bogomolets National medical university and took the DECISION:
1)     To support the decision by Academic council at Bogomolets National medical university, dd. 27, March, 2014 in relation to reasonable appeal, taken by secret voting by majority votes, to the Conference of labor collective about early termination of authorities for rector in University V.F. Moskalenko/
2)     To take the decision in relation to reasonable appeal from Supervisory council at Bogomolets National medical University to the Conference of labor collective about early termination of authorities for rector in University V.F. Moskalenko/
The decision was passed by a solid vote.