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At the beginning of December, 2017 the students of the 5th course in medical faculty No 3 at O.O. Bogomolets National Medical University while passing through the cycle of infectious diseases at clinic got acquainted with extraordinary person – Yaroslav Shokun. The boy is 19 but he did not spend all these years merrily and carelessly but with the fear for his life. At the age of one year he was set with the terrible diagnosis – mucoviscidosis, mixed form (the lungs and pancreas are injured). There were 5 children in their family, four of them were ill with that terrible heritable disease and died.

The boy was received at infectious department with the typical complication of mucoviscidosis – pneumonia and required the oxygen and antibacterial therapy. For 19 years of life the resistance to a lot of medicines has developed at him, thus, only strong and expensive antibiotics may help him, namely “Piperacilin-Tazobactam-Teva”. The students from medical faculty No 3 did not stand aside, and they started taking care of Yaroslav – they everyday took the soups to him, pancakes, fruits and collected the money for medicines. They became friends with Yaroslav and started asking him about his dream as he is so clever, sincere, interesting and with hope in the eyes. His cherished dream is to buy a bicycle and to ride on it. The students of faculty in social networks addressed to the students in all faculties of University and non-indifferent people for financial aid and medicines for Yaroslav Shovkun. Thanks to students from all faculties, teachers of University, doctors-interns, non-indifferent people they managed to collect UAH 14,540 for a short period of time! This money was enough to the whole course of antibiotic therapy, vaccine against pneumococcal disease and to purchase of bicycle for Yaroslav!

On 22, December, 2017 Yaroslav received the tasty present to the New Year from friends-volunteers – students from faculty from Italy. And on the eve of New Year and Christmas the cherished dream of the boy fulfilled – he received the excellent long-expected present – a bicycle. “The New Year’s fairy tales happen, they are made by hands of non-indifferent people. Saint Nicholas, Santa Claus and just a non-different human live in every one of us in the heart as; firstly, we are humans, who are capable of sympathy and boundless love to others.

In 2017 we presented all our love and possibilities to Yaroslav. But this is not the end, this is only the beginning. Join to our team as there are very many sick children/adults, who cannot even dream about fairy tale. And we all together can fulfill it!: – told Polina Zolota, student of the 5th course in medical faculty No 3, head in division of public relations at Students’ Council of Medical Faculty No 3. It is pleasant that the good exists, the charity lives and there are non-indifferent people, who wish to help! Great gratitude for Your help!

Students’ Council

Dean’s Office of Medical Faculty No 3