Bogomolets National Medical University



The trainings for doctors-pediatricians in city Odesa and Odesa region, devoted to problems of chicken pox, measles, herpes virus infections, antibiotic resistance in pediatrics, were held on 13-14, December, 2017.

The trainings were performed by professor at department of pediatric infectious diseases, dean of medical faculty No 3 at O.O. Bogomolets National Medical University Oksana Vyhovska due to invitation from employees at department of pediatrics No 3 in postgraduate education at Odessa National Medical University.

The necessity in performance of such trainings relates to urgency of abovementioned pathology at children in Ukraine and region. Professor Oksana Vyhovska, on example of clinical cases for children with chicken pox, infectious mononucleosis, chronic persistent form of Epstein-Barr viral infection, together with doctors-pediatricians, discussed the issues of diagnostics, differential diagnostics, approaches to treatment and principles of therapy for this pathology according to international protocols. The accent was made on correct interpretation of results from laboratory examination, in particular, serologic examinations and their correlations with clinical manifestations at children. They also in details analyzed the situations as to vaccination against chicken pox and measles. The low level of vaccination against infectious diseases, including against chicken pox and measles, caused to increase in sickness rate for these two nosological forms in Ukraine and in Odesa region. They in details analyzed the situation as to peculiarities for outbreak of chicken pox during recent five years, peculiarities for clinical picture for disease at children depending on age, on complications of chicken pox under modern conditions.

The separate topic of training was the discussion of epidemiological situation as to the measles that has formed in Ukraine and especially in some regions of the country, including in Odesa. The issues about peculiarities for run of diseases at present moment were described in details, compared with epidemics of last years. The accent was made on peculiarities for clinical manifestations of the measles during this epidemic, complications and reasons for lethal cases both among adults and children. The trainings had the interactive character, each present doctor-pediatrician from primary chain of medical aid answered the questions, shares with his/her cases from practice, could in details understand the results from serological researches and choose the correct treatment tactics for some or other nosological forms depending on severity degree, age, available complications according to guidelines from recent 2 years and modern protocols for diagnostics and treatment of children with infectious pathology. In February-March, 2018 such interactive trainings for specialists from other specialties in city Odesa and Odesa region on interesting topics of infectious pathology for them will be continued.

Department of Pediatric Infectious Diseases

Dean’s Office of Medical Faculty No 3