Bogomolets National Medical University



Annually, in December, in the frame of collaboration between the Bogomolets National Medical University (NMU) and Karolinska Institutet (KI), representatives of NMU visit KI in order to discuss the ongoing projects and negotiate the prospective of collaboration between the medical universities.

On December 7-10, 2016, the delegation from NMU, represented by the Rector, Prof. Kateryna Amosova, First Vice-Rector of Research and Education, Prof. Yaroslav Tsekhmister, Vice-Rector for International Relations, Research and Education, Prof. Olesia Lynovytska, Head of the Surgery Department, Prof. Volodymyr Mishalov and Head of the Research Department, Andrii Dinets PhD visited KI.

The programme of visit was prepared by the coordinator of collaboration between NMU and KI – Professor Tommy Linné. Despite the short term of visit to Stockholm, the programme of visit was full of business meetings with the KI governance, heads of departments and also included visiting the Nobel Prize ceremony.

Within the visit the Ukrainian delegation met with the KI governance – Dean of Research, Professor Anders Gustafsson and Professor Jan Östergren.

The representatives of NMU visited the Clinical Skills and Simulation Center of the KI Hospital. The Center offers training on simulators, mannequins and medical equipment to reduce risks for patient injuries. Students from health sciences education programs, universities and personnel at the Karolinska University Hospital practice, master and maintain clinical skills.

At the Сancer Center Karolinska (Karolinska Institute Hospital Solna), the results of joint with NMU project in investigation endocrine surgery pathology were discussed and tasks of the next stage were outlined with the leader of Medical Genetics research group Professor Catharina Larsson and representative of the Endocrine surgery research group Professor Jan Zedenius.

Professor Mårten Risling presented methodological principles of the educational process in disciplines “normal anatomy”, “histology” and “neurosciences”. Also, the section rooms were presented to the visitors from NMU.

The delegation visited new Karolinska Institute Hospital where the Ass. Prof. Anna Freychuss (Department of Medicine) demonstrated the activities of the Cardiology Department and academic process.

Within the meetings at the Institute of Environmental Medicine Professor Göran Pershagen and Olena Gruzeva presented results of the research in noise and air pollution and negotiated the prospects of further collaboration with NMU. The delegation also met with the NMU graduates – Yuliia Savchuk and Oksana Horoshchuk – who are currently working over their PhD theses at KI.

The NMU representatives visited the Department of Dental Medicine at the Karolinska Huddinge Hospital. At the meeting with Deputy Head of the Department Dr. Margareta Hultin and Ass. Prof. Kåre Buhlin (Department of Parodontology) further steps of implementation joint educational and scientific projects were discussed.

Within the meeting with the Dean of research, Prof. Anders Gustafsson presented organizational structure, scientific achievements of KI and outlined key directions of further development and cooperation with NMU in the field of research. During the meeting outcomes of previous projects were summarized and the state of the ongoing joint KI-NMU projects discussed.

Collaboration between our institutions has been lasting for more than 10 years. Within this time, 6 graduates of NMU have successfully defended their PhD theses at KI. The participants of joint projects have published over 40 articles in the peer-reviewed journals indexed by Scopus and Thomson Reuters. Currently, joint projects of NMU with Institute of Environmental Medicine and Department of Oncology-Pathology (KI). Collaboration is accompanied by conducting trainings, workshops, seminars. Within the meeting further steps and directions in research and education cooperation, conditions of their implementation and prolongation of the Memorandum were discussed. Also, Anders Gustafsson underlined that KI is opened to new projects and new propositions from the scientific community of NMU.


Department for International Cooperation