Bogomolets National Medical University




We remind that due to a small number of free beds in hostels of O.O. Bohomolets National medical university and necessity in provision with accommodation of students according to the sanitary norms – 6 sq. m per one person, only the first year students, who are referred to the following privileged categories, will be settled to hostels of NMU in 2016/17 a.y.:

  • children-orphans and children, who were left with care of parents (according to the Decree from Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No 433, dd. 16, June, 1995 “About improvement of material provision for children-orphans and children, who were left without care of parents”);
  • children-invalids of the I-III groups;
  • citizens, who have the status of injured as a result from Chernobyl catastrophe of the 1, 2, 3 categories and children from a number of injured (according to the Law of Ukraine “About status and social protection of citizens, who suffered as a result from Chernobyl catastrophe”);
  • children of miners, for whom it is anticipated by Law of Ukraine “About improvement of prestige in miners’ labor”;
  • children from family with many children consisting of 3 and more children;
  • children of perished persons and participants in military actions in ATO zone;
  • citizens, who have the constant place of residence in Donetsk, Lugansk region, Crimean AR and c. Sevastopol.

While registering at the faculty you should show the original document that confirms the privilege. The employees of dean’s office will direct you to the director of students’ quarter Avgustynovych Ivan Ihorovych (morphological building, first floor), who will help you to execute the documents for settlement. You will be settled on the day of your registration.

There is the first-aid post in the premises of hostel No 5 (Shutov str., 14b).

The consultations are provided by certified doctors – resident medical practitioners and postgraduate students at department of therapeutic profile, who will be on duty every day since 9.00 until 18.00 (Saturday – since 9.00 until 16.00, Sunday – day-off).

The residents in students’ quarter in Shutov street may call a doctor to the room in the hostel.

All students, who have no privileges, are settled on their own to other places of accommodation (not hostels of NMU). The corresponding information was brought to knowledge under personal signature to all entrants while submitting the original documents to admission commission.

Addresses and numbers of phones for alternative hostels in c. Kyiv.

  1. Hostels of Kyiv International University (u. Zhytomyrska)

Consult the head in department of settlement – Valeriia Anatoliyivna 050-682-74-60, 044-424-80-08

  1. Website with information about lease of dwelling and available hostels in c. Kyiv.Хостелы-Киева/