Bogomolets National Medical University



The modern gym was opened since 3, April, 2018 at university hostel No 7. On the eve of opening they held the overhaul repair of premises. The gym occupies 160 sq m in the first floor of the hostel, where foreign students live. During two months of repair at gym they made the new floor, replaced the windows and doors, installed the shower units, washstands, toilets (for women and men), modern lighting, as well as designed and installed the powerful ventilation system, which does not only normalizes the air humidity but would keep the integrity of premises, to which the condensate makes harm. They also made the vestibule part in front of gym with the changing room.

They installed the sports equipment in the gym, among which there are elliptical trainers, wall bars with hinged equipment, multifunctional trainers, barbells, weights, balls. As head at department of physical education and health, assistant professor Taras Husev told, the gym is divided into corresponding areas. “This is the aerobic area, where they use the elliptical trainers and perform the main work during training, there is the area with free weight with professional stands, where one can make various grips, work with muscles of front surface of shoulder, as well as the barbell, one of which allows lifting the weight up to 200 kg (professional Olympic grip) and one can perform the front squat as the benches have different angles of regulation for performance of exercises. There is the corresponding area for performance of exercises on the floor, such as elements of fitness and pilates. Besides, there is a certain area, where one can perform the exercises with own weight – these are different pull-ups, exercises for press, hyperextension for the spine, lifting of legs and body. There is the possibility to use the punching ball for fans of boxing and kickboxing”.

After classes it is planned for students, who live at hostel, to perform the full value classes. The instructors-teachers will demonstrate how correctly to use the equipment and will provide with consultation for performance of exercises at simulators. All trainers, who will work in gym, have the skills to render the first medical aid and the corresponding certificates. The students can learn about working schedule of gym from the announcement.

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