Bogomolets National Medical University



The specialized Center for performance of objectivistic structured clinical exam OSCE-1 for students of the 3rd course is opened at O.O. Bogomolets National Medical University. 12 stations of OSCE-1 will be located here: 5 therapeutic ones (4 stations of different therapeutic manipulations and one station – examination of therapeutic patient); 6 surgical stations among them 5 – surgical manipulations and the sixth one – examination of surgical patient: 1 station – pediatric (performance of anthropometry measurements on mannequin, filling the forms for examinations of research, comparison of received results with the norm. The examination of patient (therapeutic and surgical station) will take place 10 minutes, a student is provided with 5 minutes to pass other stations. Such manipulations as injections, bleeding control, rendering the first aid at trauma, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (basic skills) will be made at short stations. Besides, it would be necessary to take the electric cardiogram. There will also be the stations, devoted to interpretation of data. A student will pass all stations for 1 hour 10 minutes; there will be the possibility for 14 students to enter all stations at the same time. In order to implement this task long (10 minutes) stations will be doubled, there will be per 2 stations. The route charts along stations have already been composed, a student will be assessed due to criterion of 60% (if you receive 60% at stations, so you pass it), accordingly, if a student received 60% at all stations, so, OSCE-1 exam is passed.

The departments created the text and video algorithms for fulfillment of each practical skill. The students shall absolutely be sure that the consultations on fulfillment of practical skills at teacher and general departmental consultations are organized. The faculties already train for OSCE-1: the students of senior courses already train the students of junior courses. OSCE will be held at brand new level, and each station will be located at separate office. The methodic assessment charts are also developed. According to the schedule of educational process, the period since 2 until 20, June, 2018 is allocated for preparation and performance of OSCE-1. 2, 3, 4, June, 2018 – days for preparation, and since 5 until 20, June inclusive all students of the 3rd course in medical faculties, as well as dental faculty will take OSCE-1 at Exam Taking Center. 8 examination groups per 14 students will pass through exam for one day.

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