Bogomolets National Medical University




Inna Tsybalova, c. Mariupol, participant in ATO: “Already some days ago I was at front in ATO zone, and today I pass the exam in calm lecture hall of university. The unusual situation after one year of service in the army. At the same time I think that my brothers-in-arms fight in the east for the sake of this calm and peace, I was mobilized at once after graduation from Berdychiv medical college. I served as shooter-nurse, and later operative nurse. I am very grateful to my tutor, military surgeon M.M. Denysiuk (by the way, the graduate from NMU), who helped me in professional establishment and to come through psychological adaptation under war conditions. I will pass through the exam and will go again to the East, where they have been waiting for me. The enemy constantly holds firing Ukrainian positions and diversion groups constantly try to penetrate to our territory. During these cruel oppositions our warriors receive the wounds. My task is to render the first aid to them, to stabilize their condition and to send to the military hospital as soon as possible. I will be demobilized in a month and I would like to continue the medical education so that later to become a qualified doctor”.



Alina Kutsenko, v. Demydiv, Kyiv region: “After graduation from medical college I have been working for 3 years already as an operative nurse in one of Kyiv maternity clinics and I already realized that surgery is my real mission. If I become a student of university I would like further to combine the practical medicine and study at higher school. I am sure that the acquired experience and aspiration for self-improvement will be the guaranty for my dream”.








Mykhaylo Moschynskyy, c. Kyiv: “Today I am an ambulance attendant in Kyiv. This is my second attempt to become a student of National medical university. I hope that this year I will be lucky as I prepared much, studied the basic sciences. And now I think that I am skilled to continue the medical education at University”.







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