Bogomolets National Medical University



4 meetings of students’ scientific club took place during March at department of surgery No 1 at O.O. Bogomolets NMU.

The meeting on topic “Mesenterial thrombosis an elusive killer, methods of investigation and treatment” was held on 3, March, 2018. The reporters presented the main algorithms for diagnostics and surgical treatment at thrombosis of upper and lower mesenteric arteries according to modern recommendations by international associations and institutes. All reports were accompanied by interesting discussions, for example, in relation to physical diagnostics at early stages and volume of resection at injury of some or other branch of SMA and LMA. The practical meeting of SSC at department of surgery No 1 on topic “Skin suture” was held on 7, March. The students were provided with surgical tools and could drill the methodology for skin suturing. The monitor of the club, Bukhenskyi Andrii performed the master class for the most popular skin suturing to students, who for the first time dealt with surgical sutures.

The joint meeting of students’ scientific clubs at department of surgery No 1 and internal medicine No 3 on topic “Crohn’s disease: diagnostics, treatment, reconstructive operations” was held already on 14, March, 2018. The students received much new and interesting information from world sources that are globally engaged in solution of problem on Crohn’s disease. The reporter Andrii Kurmanskyi told about new tendencies in researches of etiology, pathogenesis and clinical manifestations; the monitor of the club at department of internal medicine No 3 – Mariia Komkina presented the information about modern tactics of conservative treatment, and the monitor of the club at department of surgery No 1 – Andrii Bukhenskyi – new recommendations for application of surgical methods for treatment of Crohn’s disease. Surgeon-intern Prystaia Yevhen demonstrated the interesting clinical cases, surgical treatment of disease on base of department of surgery No 1. The students of scientific club considered the topic “Intestinal anastomosis” on 17, March, 2018 on base of KCCH No 18 during practical meeting. The class was divided into 2 groups. All, who wished, were provided with surgical tools and material for establishment of intestinal anastomosis. The surgeon-intern Prystaia Yevhen read the mini lecture to students, who for the first time get acquainted with intestinal suturing technique, in which he demonstrated the main technical aspects in formation of anastomosis. Approximately 30 students visited the meeting.

We are waiting for all at next meetings. See more information about work of club at the link:

Department of Surgery No 1