Bogomolets National Medical University



IMG_1938Kyryl Kharytonchuk, c. Kyiv (medical care, contractual form of study)

Why have you decided to enter NMU?

I personally had no doubts as to my desire to study namely at O.O. Bohomolets National medical university. After finishing the school I decided to continue the dynasty of medics: my mother is dermatologist, my father is urologist, who also studied at NMU.

In which subjects did you receive the highest scores in EIA?

Biology – 197, chemistry – 196, Ukrainian language and literature – 191.

How did you manage to achieve such high results?

I studied at Kyiv-Pecherskyy lyceum No 171 with biotechnological direction. That is the top-priority subjects were biology, chemistry and mathematics. I am grateful with my high scores to my teachers for substantial knowledge and my persistence – not be afraid of setting the goal to myself and to take the best efforts for its implementation.

Why have you entered to contractual form of study with such results?

I submitted the documents namely to the contract. Because after finishing my study I do not want to lose the time for workup and at once to go to my dream. I think that I as all people shall have the freedom of choice. And if I would like to choose the surgery, so, why shall I lose time working as a family doctor?

What other hobbies do you have in addition to successful study at gymnasium?

I can fluently speak English and German, which I learnt on my own. I also go in for large tennis for 4 years already, as well as swimming and ski mountaineering.

So, in the future, what kind of doctor would you like to become?

Plastic surgeon. Nut I need to pass through a long and hard way of study in order to become a highly qualified surgeon.

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