Bogomolets National Medical University

Department of Hygiene and Ecology №4

Students’ scientific club

Students’ scientific club exists since establishment of department of food hygiene (since 1935). The first scientific supervisor of the club was the head at department, assistant professor G.F. Pollak. The students’ scientific club starts working most actively since the 50-ies in last century (during the period when the head at department was professor Barchenko I.P.). At that time the students were actively involved into scientific practical activity according to scientific directions of department and the most talented members in the club were recommended to enter the postgraduate course and to work at department. Thus, the former members in the club were doctors of medicine professor Grygorov Yu.G., who was at the head of division on geroprotective nutrition in the institute of gerontology at ANS of Ukraine for more than 30 years, professor Pryputina L.S., who devoted the whole life to work in the institute of food hygiene, candidates of medicine: Kravchenko Ye.G., Gordynya R.I., Rul Yu.V., Gil M.A., Olshevska O.D., Yakovenko V.G., Bilko T.M., Anistratenko T.I., who worked and some of them continue working at department of food hygiene (Bilko T.M., Anistratenko T.I.).

Many other members in the club now work in the scientific establishments, practical health care and Bogomolets NMU.

Main scientific directions in the work of the club :

  • study on parapharmacological, antioxidant, detoxification and other properties for food products and phyto raw materials;
  • creation of new food products with reinforced specific parapharmacological efficiency for therapeutic and therapeutic preventive nutrition;
  • study on mechanisms and pathogenic chains of naturopathic (including nutritional) correction for somatic-psychical and psycho-somatic disorders;
  • study on specific medical preventive efficiency of new food products and food rations;
  • study on peculiarities for food status and nutrition for certain groups of population in Ukraine.

As of 2012 the list of members in the students’ scientific club at department includes 21 students and 2 doctors-interns, who work in SES in c. Kyiv due to specialty “food hygiene”.

During 2009-2012 students at department made 49 reports at scientific conferences of students and young scientists, published 53 theses and 2 scientific articles in special journals.

Students-members in the club with teachers at department.

Scientific communication of students-members
in the club with the head at department S.T. Omelchuk.

Participation of students-members in the club at department in international scientific practical conference, devoted to World Health Day, which was held on 6-7.04.2011