Bogomolets National Medical University

Department of Hygiene and Ecology №4

Publishing activity

The collective of department took an active part in creation of the first national textbooks “Science of nutrition” (2002), textbook in two volumes “Food hygiene with basics for science of nutrition” (2007).

In 2010 they also published 2 study guides, which are recommended by Ministry of education and science and Ministry of health care of Ukraine for students in dental faculties at higher medical schools “Hygiene of dental establishments” (for national students) and “Hygienic and Epidemiological Demands for Dental clinics” (for students in English speaking form of study). Three collections of guidelines “Hygiene and ecology” (2009) were also published in English language.

The employees at department took an active part in development of:

– Concept on improvement of food provision and quality of public nutrition, which was approved by Decree from Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine;

– Regulations about provision of disabled person as a result from accident at production or occupational diseases and injured with serious trauma or occupational disease during treatment at medical establishment.

– Guidelines for provision of injured with severe trauma or occupational disease or disabled person as a result from accident in production or occupational disease with additional nutrition.

– Regulations about procedure and conditions for free of charge provision of employees, engaged into works with especially harmful and hard working conditions, therapeutic and preventive nutrition.

– State regulatory documents “Rules for physiological needs in population of Ukraine in the main food substances and energy”; “Allowable levels for contents of radio nuclides 137Cs and 90Sr in food products and water”; “Recommendations for provision of workers in harmful and very harmful productions with therapeutic and preventive nutrition” (2010).

State sanitary regulations and rules “Hygienic requirements to location, arrangement, equipment and operation of perinatal centers”, – DSanPiN 2.3.177-2012.

Employees of department are members in editorial board of scientific journals “Hygiene of inhabited areas”, “Ukrainian scientific medical journal for youth”, “Water supply and water industry”, “Nutrition and health”, etc.

For last five years the employees of department published more than 200 scientific works, including 4 textbooks and study guides, 4 monographs (“Radiation hygiene”, “Preventive nutrition in oncology”, “Scientific basics for application of vitamins, minerals and vegetative diabetic additives in prevention and treatment of cardiovascular, oncologic and ophthalmologic diseases”, “Prevention of iodine deficiency states in the territory that suffered as a result from accident in ChNPP”, guidelines, received 12 declarative patents.