Bogomolets National Medical University

Department of Medical and General Chemistry

Scientific research work

Scientific potential of the department of medical and general chemistry is powerful and consists of 1 doctor of sciences and 13 candidates of sciences.

Advanced study of the collective of department of medical and general chemistry of the National medical university in the name of O.O. Bogomolets related to the study of number of modern problems of inorganic, analytical, physical chemistry and pedagogic. Among them is a research of co-coordinating connections of metals of ligands, fastened on the surface of highly refined oxides, a study of conformities to the law of oxidant reaction of SO on the surface of mixed oxides of ferum and mangan, study of physical and chemical property of complexes of copper (II) and nickel (II) with carbon hydro acids, synthesis and research of properties of methyl metal of photopolymer on the basis of visocodisperse silica, study of persorption of some toxic and d-elements on the surface of chemically modified silicas, synthesis and research of properties of high temperature and super conductive materials on the basis of rare metals in the different degrees of oxidant, issues of the day of professional orientation of studies of natural disciplines in a medical lyceum, modern aspects of evolution of maintenance of medical chemistry for training of the doctors in the period of reformation of medical education and others like that.

The active advanced study of employees of department of medical and general chemistry found the reflection in the number of monographs (“Halides and semi-halides of bismuth”, “Light sensitive diazole naphthalene”, “Printing forms on the bases of light sensitive diazole compounds” etc, published scientific articles (among them are the reviews and articles in leading domestic and foreign chemical magazines, such as “Acta Cryst.”, “Journal of Materials Science and Engineering”, “Materials”, “Super hard materials”, “Chemical industry of Ukraine”, “Ukrainian chemical magazine”, “Ukrainian science-medical youth magazine”, “Catalysis and oil chemistry”, “Methods and subjects of chemical analysis”, “Kyiv T. Shevchenko University Announcer”, ” Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry” and others like that ), and also in many appearances on international and national conferences and symposiums.

The employees of the department constantly present Results of scientific researches, gave reports on the conferences of different level in Ukraine and abroad. Scientific lectures were made abroad: in Korea, Estonia, Iceland, Bulgaria, Germany, Belgium, Italy, USA, Russia.

A new disinfectant called “Dezokson” was created at the department; it passed a test with many volunteers. “Dezokson” is used during laboratory lessons for disinfection of individual use laboratory tableware.

The advanced study is made jointly with the departments of analytical chemistry and inorganic chemistry of Kiev national university in the name of Taras Shevchenko, with the department of Institute of chemistry of surface in the name of O.O. Chuyko NAN of Ukraine and department of pharmaceutical chemistry of the Vinnitsa national medical university in the name of M.I. Pirogue.