Bogomolets National Medical University

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology №2

Medical work

The medical work at department is one from significant components in its daily activity. Since the establishment of department and until present days, its employees made and continue making the significant contribution into development of practical activity in the sphere of obstetrics and gynecology.

The department was founded on the base of clinical hospital named after Zhovtneva revoliutsiia, which remained as the main base for department until 1987. The following famous professors were working on the base of this hospital: F.O. Sokolov, O.M. Olshanetskyy, R.I. Malykhina, V.S. Artamonov, it is difficult to overestimate their contribution into medical traditions at department. F.O. Sokolov was the first one, who started applying the surgical treatment methods for inflammatory diseases of uterine annexes. The following important issues in obstetrics and gynecology as impact of abortion on state of woman’s organism, prevention and treatment of postpartum purulent-septic diseases, surgical treatment of urinogenital fistula, and conservative therapy of metrofibroma were developed under his supervision. Professor O.M. Olshanetskyy paid much attention to diagnostics and treatment of female sterility and abdominal pregnancy. One of the first in Ukraine endocrinologic laboratories was established at department. When the head at department was assistant professor T.Ya. Kalinichenko, they developed the issues on diagnostics and treatment for hormonally mediated infertility, inflammatory diseases of women’s genitals, treatment for cystic ovary. When the head at department was professor R.I. Malykhina, the main direction in practical activity of department were the issues on treatment for tuberculosis of women’s genitals and isoimmune pregnancy. Professor V.S. Artamonov managed the developments of methods on diagnostics and correction of intrauterine fetal hypoxia and neonatal asphyxia, post-term pregnancy, as well as labor abnormalities. Professor V.S. Artamonov was one from the first initiators for a wide implementation of endoscopic treatment methods for gynecological patients.

At present moment (since 1987) the main base of department is the maternity hospital No 6 in c. Kyiv, the second base of department is the obstetric division in railway clinical hospital No 2. The main base of department is the city Center on management of premature births. The base of department is also the center on fulfillment of clinical researches of drugs, approved by State pharmaceutical committee of Ukraine. A great number of clinical researches were made at the bases of department for recent years.

The department carries out the postgraduate training of doctors-interns due to specialty “Obstetrics and gynecology”, “Family medicine”, “Medicine of emergency” and cycles for interns of surgical profile.

The collective of department continues working over the problems on non-invasive methods for diagnostics and minimally invasive surgery in gynecology (assistant professors Solskyy S.Ya., Chubatyy A.I.), endocrine gynecology (assistant Mykhayliuta M.A.), prevention and treatment of purulent-septic complications after operative interferences in obstetrics and gynecology (professor Gnatko O.P., assistant professor Solskyy S.Ya., assistant Manashchuk S.I.), pathology of perinatal period (professor Gnatko O.P., assistants Kyrychenko Yu.A., Chorna O.O.), labor abnormalities (assistant professors Orchakov V.O., Marushchenko Yu.L., assistant Drozd O.O.), gestosis (assistant professor Marushchenko Yu.L., assistant Zhestkova I.V.), isoimmune pregnancy (professor Gnatko O.P.). During recent years the great attention is paid to issues on diagnostics and treatment of endocrine forms for infertility, in particular, caused by polycystic ovarian disease (assistant professors Solskyy S.Ya., Chubatyy A.I.). The department made the significant contribution into issues on diagnostics and treatment of genital endometriosis (professor Gnatko O.P., assistant professors Solskyy S.Ya., Chubatyy A.I.).

The employees at department take an active part in commissions at MHC of Ukraine, international projects, which are implemented in Ukraine, make the significant volume of work on urgent consulting medical aid due to requests from MHC of Ukraine (air medical service). The department performs the great volume of consulting aid in city Kyiv (every year the consulting work is held at maternity welfare centers and the medical consulting work at clinical bases of department). The modern methods on diagnostics and treatment, obstetric and gynecological aid are implemented at clinical bases of department. The great attention in medical work is paid to such issues as prevention and treatment of obstetric bleeding, hypertensive disorders and preeclampsia, rational management of multiple pregnancy, prevention and treatment of premature births.

Every year over 4,000 deliveries are taken, over 2,000 operative interferences are made, over 10,000 women are treated at the basis of department. The employees at department in close cooperation with doctors in clinical bases take the most active part in management of the most difficult cases in obstetric and gynecological pathology, thanks to it the main performances of clinical bases at department remains one of the best in city. In the near future the Center of children’s gynecology will be established at the main base of department.

Solskyy Serhii Yakovych

Assistant professor, Candidate of Medicine, responsible for medical work at department (since 1983 at department). Author of 154 scientific works, co-author of 4 monographs and 6 inventions. Main directions in activity – prevention and treatment of purulent-septic diseases and obstetric bleeding in obstetrics and gynecology, endoscopic treatment methods in gynecology, diagnostics and treatment of endometriosis, endocrine gynecology.