Bogomolets National Medical University

Department of Orthodontics and prosthetic dentistry


Head of the Department is Honorary Scientist and Technician of Ukraine, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Petro Semenovych Flis


Assistant Head of the Department for scientific work, Associate Professor, MD Mykola Anatoliiovych Omelchuk. Phone 2353117 (w).


Associate Professor M.A. Omelchuk is examining an orthodontic patient



Research subject: “Clinic, diagnostics, methods of treatment of anomalies and deformations of individual teeth and tooth alignments.”


Directions of research: orthodontics for children and adults, children’s dentures.

Department of Orthodontics and Propaedeutics of Prosthetic Dentistry is the main for orthodontics, children’s dental prosthesis and propaedeutics of prosthodontics.

Head of research – Head of the Department of Orthodontics and Propaedeutics of Prosthetic dentistry Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Honorary Scientist and Technician of Ukraine P.S. Flis.

Nowadays the Department of Orthodontics and Propaedeutics of Prosthetic Dentistry is a methodical, scientific and medical center of the country. At the Department 16 lecturers work, there are 5 equipped propaedeutic rooms, 6 clinical practice rooms and 35 modern dental units. The Department has the Department of Orthodontics and Propaedeutics of Prosthetic Dentistry – 10 doctors and 20 dental technicians. Almost all known techniques of prosthetic and orthopedic treatment of children and adults are used in clinical work. Scientifis investigations at the modern stage are directed to develop methods of prophylaxis, diagnostics and treatment of tooth-jaw anomalies and deformations, and also teeth and teeth alignments for children and adults. The employees of the Deparment continue to develop, search and investigate of effective and high quality materials for manufacture of orthodontic appliances and prostheses for children and adults.

Over the years of Department existence 3 doctoral and 15 MD theses were defended; 3 doctoral and 12 MD dissertations are in progress now, more than 1500 scientific publications were published and about 150 patented inventions were received and also 42 innovations. Academic Staff of the Deparmetn published 20 books (5 of them in Ukrainian and 6 in foreign languages) and manuals. In the coming years. The collective of the Department is going to publish new textbooks and manuals in different scientific areas in dentistry in Ukrainian, Russian and English.


The Department headed by P.S. Flis has priority development of domestic photopolymer materials for facing dentures, fillings, bracket and retainers. Under his supervision there were developed the first in Ukraine ceramic mass «Ultropaline», 4 alloys (Keradent, Kerakris, Plastokrist, Metost) for casting dentures, vacuum casting dentures, refractory masses for duplication jaw models, diamond wheels for clinical and laboratory applications. The collective of the Department proposed new methods of orthopedic and orthodontic treatment for children and adults, modern technologies of orthodontic appliances manufacturing and dentures.

Professor P.S.Flis was the first among dentists of Ukraine who proved the efficiency of using the waves of a millimeter range in dentistry. His scientific research have great theoretical and practical value and marked by high awards: in 1989 he has got a medal “Honoured Inventor of the USSR”, he was awarded Badge “Excellent Worker of Public Health” of the USSR, he has got two gold medals of Exhibition of the All-Union Achievements of the National Economy. In 1992 he was elected academician of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences of national progress, in 2002 he has got an order of the International Academic Rating «Golden fortune» – «For labour achievements», in 2004 he was awarded by The First degree price of Platon of Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, since 2003 he is Honorary Scientist and Technician of Ukraine, in 2004 he was elected academician of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences.

P.S. Flis is an author of textbook «Orthodontics», which was published in 2007, in the Ukrainian, Russian and English languages, and of 9 manuals. He published more than 400 scientific works, received more than 45 copyright patent certificates for inventions.

Under the supervision of P.S.Flis 15 MD dissertations were defended, 12 MD dissertations and two doctoral dissertations are performing now. The studetns of Petro Semenovych work in many countries of the world – Greece, Lebanon, Syria, Iran, Jordan, Israel, China and other countries.

Professor P.S.Flis – President of Association of Ukrainian Orthodontists, the Honorary Chairman of the Belarus Professional Society of Orthodontists, member of the European and World Associations of Orthodontics, editor-in-chief of the journal «Modern orthodontics», scientific editor of the journal «Dentistry news», member of editorial boards of the journals «Modern dentistry, «Dental technologies», «Ukrainian Dental Almanac», «Visnyk stomatologii».

Professor P.S.Flis is a member of Academic Council of Bogomolets National Medical University, a member of the Academic Council of the Institute of Physics of the Ministry of health of Ukraine, member of Specialized academic councils on doctoral theses defense (specialty “Dentistry”) of the Faculty of Dentistry of NMU.