Bogomolets National Medical University

Department of Pediatric Surgery

Clinical Work

All employees of the Department have medical qualification categories, as follows: 13 – senior employees, 3 – first degree employees.
The Staff of the Department carry out a large medical advisory help to the basic and extra-base medical facilities. Year to year the number of patients who have been treated, given consultations, surgeries by the Department staff is being gradually growing. For the reporting period, the Department have provided 61280 consultations, made treatment of 33975 patients, made surgeries of 4524 patients, that is 34,4 % of operations performed in the hospitals. Most interventions belongs to the category of increased complexity. 240 visits have been carried out “at medical aviation service” into regions of Ukraine and other hospitals of Kyiv with the performance of surgery.
As the main areas of work of the Department shall be considered the following: the medical diagnostics and correction pathology which is manifested by airway obstruction, malformations and diseases of the digestive tract, defects and diseases of the musculoskeletal system.
Malformations with high lethal risk, which have a large percentage of the children’s mortality are operated on. Thus, for the first time ever in Ukraine surgical treatment of stenosises trachea in children of early age has been established, as well as the surgical treatment of aplasia of lungs has been performed first time ever in the world practice.
Most of surgical treatment methods of defects of development and digestive system diseases are carried out with the application of organ preservation treatment principles. Own versions of local plastic surgeries of esophagus in the presence of stenosis, miniinvasive methods of treatment cysts of the liver, methods of segmental resection of the spleen have been proposed and widely used.
The use of bio-implants in the presence of malformations of the anterior abdominal wall allows to improve the results of treatment
Department of Pediatric Surgery is a leading center for the correction of scoliosis and deformity of the chest (funnel-, spherical) in Ukraine.