Bogomolets National Medical University

Department of Pediatric Surgery

Research Work

In 2008, long-term research work on the topic: "Diagnostics and Treatment Defects of development and diseases of the organs of chest and abdominal cavity in children" has been completed. In 2009, self-supporting research work on the topic "The Development and Implementation of Modern Surgical Treatment of Hepatic Portal Form of the Hypertension in Children" has been started.
For the last 9 years 2 Doctors of Science, 10 candidates of sciences (3 of them are post-graduate students and 2 Division Superintendent of the Department) have prepared. 4 doctoral and 6 master’s dissertations have been planned and carried out.
On the department post-graduate students, clinical residents, intern doctors attend training and internship. Seminars and practical classes, lectures are systematically delivered for doctors and interns.
Publishing of 4 monographs, 1 basic textbook, 2 manuals, 1 practical manual and 4 methodical developments for training students in Ukrainian and English, as well as publication of 190 scientific works, including ones published in the leading European and American professional journals and having received international recognition of their novelty and being quoted have been a significant achievement of the Department for the last years. 28 invention and utility model patents of Ukraine have been awarded.