Bogomolets National Medical University

Department of Pediatric Surgery

Educational Work

16 films, 5 manuals on CD-ROM, 5 sets of tables, 200 slides, instruments, the corresponding diagnostic and therapeutic equipment of the clinic have been used in the process of training. On the practical classes, except the mentioned above, video and computer equipment is widely used, which significantly improves visual information content of practical classes, and gives an opportunity to demonstrate educational presentations and films. All the lectures are prepared and conducted in the form of multimedia presentations, that allows to increase informativeness of the material. Classes and lectures are held in accordance with the academic plan, the material is taught exclusively in Ukrainian (for foreign students – in Russian) on high methodological and scientific levels. Documentation of teaching work stored in the good condition. The necessary information for students including schedule and the subjects for the classes, lectures, consultations, work repayments, as well as practical achievements of the staff is completely represented on well-designed stands.
Every teacher has a full set of methodical developments, structural and logical schemes of practical lessons on the discipline, initial and final level tests, the set of problematic clinical and situational tasks. The thematic plans of lectures and practical classes in accordance with the new program has been approved, the allocated time for student independent work has been granted. The list of mandatory practical skills as required by the job description for children’s surgeon.
A lot of attention is being paid to the remedial work with students at the Department. A new schedule of additional student work repayments and practical classes, individual consultations has been made out. During the reporting period each teacher has performed the remedial work with lagging students.
Due to the efforts of the Department Staff the basic textbook “Childhood Surgery”(2009) and training manual “Surgical Diseases in children” (2008) have been published, as well as its electronic version has been created, the methodological recommendations for V – VI year students and professors, the content of lectures have been revised and updated in accordance with the requirements of Bologna process, tests (1000) for control of initial and final level of knowledge along with “A ” format situational tasks (120) have been also made up. Under the participation of the Department 4 Methodological Developments for the 5th year students adapted for teaching in Ukrainian and English have been drawn up Department took part in the work of Expert Commission on the Analysis of Testing Tasks held at the Testing Centre of the Ministry of Health and the Commission on Preparation of the Comprehensive programs of Surgery, Section “Pediatric Surgery”. New working programs on the discipline under ECTS requirements, modules 3, 4 for 5-6th year students.
Since spring semester of 2009, the Department has started training in English for foreign students. There are 5 teachers (1 professor, 4 assistants) working at the department, who are fluent in English and have passed courses at the Department of the Foreign Languages and have received the appropriate certificates. The lectures and practical classes for these students are conducted in English. The full set of methodical developments and other documentation in English has been created. There is a working program in English.