Bogomolets National Medical University

Department of Pediatric Surgery

General Information

Department of Pediatric Surgery was founded in 1935 on the basis of the Associate Professorship Unit of Orthopedics as part of the Pediatric department of the Kiev Medical Institute.
The name of the Department – Pediatric surgery
Discipline – Pediatric Surgery
the Head of the Department – Acting Head of the Department is the Doctor of Medical sciences, Professor A.F. Levitsky.
16 teachers work at the Department (4 professors, 4 associate professors, 8 assistants) among them 3 employees are part time employed, 2 senior laboratory technicians, 2 laboratory assistants, 1 engineer. All the teachers of the Department have scientific degrees: Doctors of Sciences – 4, Candidates of Sciences – 12.

At the Department of Paediatric Surgery students of V and VI years of study are trained.
The total area of educational facilities of the department makes 506 sq. m. The department has lecture hall with 120 seats, where lectures are read and student scientific conferences are held, 11 educational rooms. All the lecturers have separate classrooms. Locker room for the students is available.
Contact Phone of the Department of Pediatric Surgery (044) 236-59-06.

Clinical bases of the Department are the National Children’s Specialized Hospital "OKHMATDYT" (260 beds in 8 surgical divisions). The base of the Department is equipped with modern medical and diagnostic equipment (2 " Karl-Storz " and "Olympus" laparoscopic installs, " Karl-Storz "surgery and diagnostic cystoscope (cathedral), "Olympus" fiber optic devices (esophagogastroscope, colonoscopy device), "Pena" electromiotester ( for verification of the pelvic floor muscles, "Karl-Storz" diagnostic bronchoscope and esophagoscopy device supported by ultrasound, radio wave scalpel, "Karl-Storz " laparoscopic installation, SPTS Circular handheld stapler, "Toshiba" computer tomograph and others).
Structural Subdivisions of the bases of the Department:

Childen’s Hospital "OKHMATDYT", 28/1 V. CHORNOVIL Street, (8 – 260 beds)

  • Emergency Purulent-Septic Surgery and Urology Department (60 beds)
  • Department of Thoraco-Abdominal Surgery (40 beds)
  • Department of Newborn Surgery (30 beds)
  • Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology (40 beds)
  • Department of Microsurgery (40 beds)
  • Department of Intensive Treatment of Older Children (15 beds)
  • Department of Newborn Intensive Care(15 beds)
  • Toxicology Department (20 beds)
  • Operating Unit (5 operating)
  • Emergency Surgery Department
  • Emergency Room
  • Functional Diagnostics Department
  • Pathology Anatomical Branch
  • City Advisory Clinic