Bogomolets National Medical University

Department of Pediatrics postgraduate education

History of department

In 1930 the faculty of mother and child welfare was established in Kyiv medical institute. Professor L.Y. Finkelstein organized and managed the department of mother and child welfare, which clinical base was children clinic at railway hospital for 45 beds.


In 1934 the faculty of mother and child welfare was transformed into pediatric faculty. The department of pediatrics was headed by professor L.Y. Finkelstein. Its clinical base became the new children’s clinic for 100 beds in M.I. Kalinin hospital.


During the Great Patriotic War and evacuation of Kyiv medical institute to Cheliabinsk one pediatric department was working at medical faculty, which was managed by professor S.O. Dulytskyy since 1942 until 1943, and since 1943 – by assistant professor V.G. Balaban. After re-evacuation of the institute to Kyiv the training of students at department of pediatrics in pediatric faculty was renewed, and the acting head at department became assistant professor V.G. Balaban.


On 25, September, 1944 Kyiv medical institute established the department of faculty-propedeutic pediatrics, which was headed by assistant professor V.G. Balaban (order No 226, dd. 27.09.1944). This date is considered to be the date for establishment of department of faculty pediatrics (now pediatrics No 3) in Kyiv medical institute. The department taught the propedeutic and faculty pediatrics during 1944-1946.


On 15, January 1946 the course of propedeutic pediatrics was separated into independent department and the department of faculty pediatrics became independent. For 1948-1949 academic year the department of faculty and hospital pediatrics were united under supervision of professor V.G. Balaban on the base of M.I. Kalinin hospital (order No 504, dd. 01.09.1948).


The name for department of faculty pediatrics was changed for some times. Since 1984 it was called the department of children’s diseases No 1 in KMI, since 1990 the department of faculty pediatrics in KMI, since 1994 department of children’s diseases No 3 in Ukrainian state medical university.


Since 1995 it received the modern name – department of pediatrics No 3 in Bogomolets National medical university. In 2003 the department was reorganized (order No 181-l, dd. 19.02.2003).