Bogomolets National Medical University

Department of Pediatrics postgraduate education

Academic activity

At present moment the department has two clinical bases – children’s clinical hospital No 8 (Melnykova str., 18) and children’s clinical hospital No 5 (Vernadskogo str., 53) in c. Kyiv. The classes are also held in divisions of oncohematology and neonatology in DCCH “OKHMADYT”, maternity hospital No 3, pediatric division in SRI of endocrinology at AMS of Ukraine, division of phthisiology in CCH No 13.

At present moment the department in its work pays the significant attention to improvement of pedagogical process. The department performs classes on pediatrics with students of 2-6 courses in medical faculty No 4, with doctors-interns in NMU, attendees in cycle of advanced training faculty.

The great attention is paid to academic methodological work. During recent years the department created the new curricula and the methodological base for provision with lectures and practical classes for students in 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 courses, who are studied due to the new curriculum for specialty “Medical preventive care”. In total they prepared: 174 methodological guides of lectures and practical classes for teachers, 110 methodological guides of practical classes for students, 94 methodological guides for independent work of students. There are more than 4000 tests due to system “KROK- 2” (per each class, “semester tests” – 3 variants per 100 tests, for 6 course – 10 variants per 100 tests).

The department is actively engaged into implementation of principles in Bologna declaration.

The department implemented the practice-oriented exam for students of the 6 th course.

The collection of questions and test tasks for computer control due to specialty “PEDIATRICS” (for the highest, first, second category and doctor-specialist) for 2009 was prepared with participation of professor Marushko Yu.V.