Bogomolets National Medical University

Department of Physical Education and Health

History of the Department

The actual necessity to use one of the most important means of health, disease prevention and health promotion, the physical culture, has provoked the introduction of physical training course to the system doctor training. The last one includes not only physical training, but also the teaching of medical monitoring and therapeutic physical training.

In Kiev medical institute such a course was organized as long ago as in 1929. Its first head was the PhD Associate Professor L. Fink.

The program of obligatory course of physical training includes a familiarization of students with medical-biological foundations of physical education, preparation and submission standards set by the TRP I and II degree.

At the beginning of the department organization, the practical studies for physical education course were held in the sports hall at the dormitory territory at Heroes of the Revolution Str., 4a, and in the hall at the hospital named after the October Revolution. Classes in athletics were held at the “Red Stadium”.

In 1936, at the address Lenina Str. 37 there were equipped two sports gyms, in the garden the playground was also equipped for sports games.

In 1944 – 1952 the department of physical education together with a course of medical control and physical therapy was led by Associate Professor I.A Elhard, in 1952 – 1955 – by Associate Professor M.V Korablyov, in 1955 – 1956 – by Associate Professor V.V Petrovskyj.

In addition to the classes of physical education the Department performed a large mass sports work together with the sports club.

In 1950 it was developed and approved the provisions about annual comprehensive Sports contest for all kinds of sports, which, beginning from 1951, has become a traditional one for our university.

An important event in the life of the department and the institute was the construction in 1957/58 academic year, of stadium and sports grounds on the territory near the morphological building. In addition, by the forces of sporting activists it was held a sports camp, located in the picturesque surroundings of Kyiv.

Since 1957, it has been significantly expanded the scientific and educational work in the department led by Professor G.I Krasnoselskyy. Beginning from 1957 the students have been involved to the scientific work in the department. They work in the borders of student scientific circle.

Because of the significant work of the department as to the training of high-qualified medical specialists in sports medicine and physical therapy, as well as because of the extensive development of research, further growth of sports media and sports and recreation activities it was necessary to divide the department into two separate departments: Physical Education and Sports, Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy. It was made by special order of the Ministry of Health and Higher Education of the USSR in 1960.

In different years the department was led by Associate Professor Mykola S. Babets Georgy K. Cherevyshnya (research interests included morphological features of chromatin inside the human cells), PhD, Associate Professor M.P.Pohulyay (research interests included the formation of vestibular stability of sportsmen), Doctor of Science, Professor V.P.Murza (research interests included the using of exercise in the treatment of tuberculosis patients with congenital heart disease), Doctor of Biology, Professor M.M.Filippov (research interests included the study of functional reserves of physical performance and compensation mechanisms and etiology of hypoxia stress ).

Nowadays the head of the department is Associate Professor Taras P. Gusev (research interests include the characteristics of physical improvement of the students studying at medical profile).