Bogomolets National Medical University

The Department propaedeutics internal medicine №2

Medical care

The department of propedeutics of internal medicine No 2 is located on the base of Kyiv city clinical hospital No 3.

Address of clinical base: 02125, c. Kyiv, P. Zaporozhtsa str., 26, block 2. The base of department has the therapeutic, cardiological, rheumatologic, gastroenterological divisions, division of nephrology and hemodialysis, cardiac intensive care unit. This clinic base is the city specialized center. The base has Kyiv city specialized center of nephrology and hemodialysis, with which the department of propedeutics of internal medicine No 2 closely cooperates.
The base of department is designed for 288 beds of therapeutic profile. Over 7 thousands of patients were treated for 2010 in divisions, which are located in the base. The localization of clinic on the base of multi-field hospital allows receiving the consultations of adjacent specialists (ophthalmologist, neuropathist, surgeon, gynecologist, cardiologist, etc.) that allows rending the quick timely aid to patients. There are the laboratories, where the general clinical and biochemical examinations of patients, arrived to all divisions of clinic, are made on twenty-four-hour basis; modern instrumental means for diagnostics, such as USI apparatuses, X-ray apparatuses, endoscopic equipment for performance of different procedures and manipulations in order to provide with treatment diagnostic process in the clinic.
The department of propedeutics of internal medicine No 2 has the equipment that is widely used for examination of patients in the clinics. It is 2 USI-apparatuses for performance of echocardiography, USI of the kidneys, abdominal cavity organs, thyroid gland, Doppler sonography of carotid artery, as well as the apparatus for daily monitoring for arterial pressure. The examinations of over 650 patients were held for 2010 using such equipment.

Professor T.D. Nykula performs the round of patients in division of efferent treatment methods in Kyiv city center of nephrology and dialysis with participation of employees at department – professor V.O. Moyseyenko, assistant S.V. Trunova, assistant E.G. Manzhaliy and senior scientific worker at the Institute of nephrology at AMS of Ukraine V.F. Krot.

Consultation, consisting of professor I.A. Paliyenko, professor V.O. Moyseyenko, Candidate of Medicine O.M. Karmazina in the ultrasound investigation room.

The clinical researches are actively held on the base of department of propedeutics of internal medicine No 2. Thus, in 2010 the department took part in the multi-center research “Multicenter randomized double blind placebo-controlled research of drug MDH-1100 to treat patients with rheumatoid arthritis at the stage of exacerbation.
The employees in department of propedeutics of internal medicine No 2 take part in departures due to calls from Ukrainian emergency medical aid station at MHC of Ukraine, professors and assistant professors of department have the publications about diagnostic, treatment consulting work in mass media, performances on TV and radio. In 2010 the head at department professor Taras Denysovych Nykula became the Laureate of State Prize of Ukraine in the sphere of science and technology.