Bogomolets National Medical University

The Department propaedeutics internal medicine №2

Students’ scientific club

Now 16 students in III course, 11 – in II course, 2 – VI course of I and IV medical faculties in NMU, 3 – pharmaceutical faculty and 5 young scientists (resident medical practitioners, masters, post-graduate students) take part in the work of SSC at department of propedeutics of internal medicine No 2. Teachers at department help members in the club in fulfillment of fragments from scientific works, annotation of national and foreign literature, provision with necessary scientific methodological materials. The department cooperates with the Institute of problems on pathology at NMU, departments of pharmacology, radiology and nuclear medicine at NMU, International center of informative wave therapy, Bogomolets SRI of physiology, SRI of nephrology at AMS of Ukraine, Institute of the heart at AMS of Ukraine, Institute of endocrinology at AMS of Ukraine, Institute of gerontology at AMS of Ukraine, city nephrological center, Institute of nephrology at AMS of Ukraine. Location of the club: P. Zaporozhtsa str., 26, II therapeutic block. Schedule of work: the meetings of SSC are held 1-2 times a month according to the schedule, approved by head at department. In addition to members in the club and teachers, other students, who wish to receive the interesting and useful information, may take part in the meetings (about 80-90 students in total per year take part in the meetings of the club).
Scientific supervisor of the club – Doctor of Medicine, professor Moyseyenko Valentyna Oleksiyivna (phone: 540-96-69).
Monitor of the club – Krasiuk E.K., student of IV course, I medical faculty. Direction of work: nephrology, gastroenterology, cardiology. 9 students and 3 young scientists made reports during a year. Among members in the club there are participants and prize winners in national and international forums.

Professor T.D. Nykula with reporters at International conference (Kyiv, 2011)

Professor V.O. Moyseyenko was a member in jury of therapeutic section at the 64th International scientific practical conference of students and young scientists “Actual problems in modern medicine” (Kyiv, 3-4, November, 2010).

Seven students and three young scientists took part in the work of International scientific practical conference, devoted to World Health Day in 2011, which WHO devoted to issues on resistance to antimicrobial agents (7-8, April, 2011) and have published scientific work in Scientific herald at Bogomolets National medical university (Special issue No 2, 2011) (Materials of international scientific practical conference, devoted to World Health Day-2011, Kyiv, 7-8, April, 2011).

Students V.E. Krasiuk, M.V. Soyak, master A.V. Popova took part in the work of III subsection “Clinical direction: therapeutic disciplines”. Student of II course in IV medical faculty Maria Stoyak made the report “Yevgen Ozarkevych – Doctor. Citizen. Patriot” within international scientific practical conference, devoted to World Health Day-2011.
Students together with teachers took part in the celebrations on occasion of XI National Congress of cardiologists of Ukraine (c. Kyiv, 30, September, 2010, Palace “Ukraine”).
Due to results from the first round in “All-Ukrainian competition of students’ scientific works on natural, technical and humanitarian works in 2010-2011, the Ist place was taken by Krasiuk Viacheslav Eduardovych, students in the 4th course, group 10, Ist medical faculty for work “Disorders of micro-elemental metabolism at chronic kidney disease” (28.12.10) and he was sent for the Ist stage in the second round of the Competition to Ivano-Frankivsk, where he took the IInd place (24.12.11).
On 14, April, 2011 the department performed the Olympiad on ethics and deontology, devoted to 170th anniversary of National medical university.