Bogomolets National Medical University

Department of Therapeutic Dentistry

Information for students

Students’ polyclinic

The students’ polyclinic works on the basis of the Departments of Stomatology of the National O.O.Bohomolets Medical University and Divisions of the Dental Medical Center of the National Medical University.

In the evening after classes the graduate students examine patients under supervision of physicians or curators of polyclinic in special rooms. The students are recommended for this job. This activity helps the students to enhance their practical skills, have clinical experience, study new technologies used in dentistry. We hope this experience will be useful in the future.


Dear students and visitors of the Dental Center!

The students’ polyclinic is open on the basis of the dental center, from 4:00 p.m. 3-5 years students receive patients under supervision of qualified doctors.

We invite students for this job. Please, address to the teachers responsible for students’ group at the department.


Therapeutic stomatology – Yu.G.Kolenko, N.M.Tkachuk, G.L.Lesnuhina

Pediatric therapeutic stomatology – N.V.Budenko, O.M.Mozgova

Surgery stomatology – A.V.Kopchak, O.L.Tsypenko

Pediatric Surgery Stomatology – Nesedko

Orthopedic Stomatology – D.K.Hushcha, D.G.Tyshko

Orthodontology – V.P.Voznyuk, A.Yu.Volyanska

Dean’s Office

The divisions of the students’ polyclinic at the base of the department of therapeutic stomatology works on Thursdays from 4:00 to 6:20 p.m. in the room № 439. Curator – Assistant Lesnukhina G.L.

Students under the guidance of teachers and doctors treat caries, pulpitis, periodontitis, treat tooth in case of orthopedic indications, conduct dental restoration.

Active participants of the students’ polyclinic:

  • Vitusevych G.V., 26 gr. 4 year
  • Lyutikov O.I, 20 gr. 4 year
  • Reznikov A.V., 20 gr. 4 year
  • Mchedlishvili I.O., 20 gr. 4 year
  • Dombrovsky Yu., 18 gr. 5 year
  • Plyska V., 5 gr. 4 year
  • Dychakovska, 5 gr. 4 year

Tokarchuk O.Yu., 6 gr. 5 year