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Child therapeutic dentistry and prevention of dental diseases

History of the Department

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Department of Therapeutic Stomatology of Kyiv Medical Institute in 1966 In the first row there are three heads of departments: incumbent – I.Y.Novyk (staying in the center) and two upcoming – M.F.Danylevskyyi (fourth leftward) and L.O. Khomenko (the third rightward)

All things begin with childhood. So does the dental health. Therefore, it is quite a natural point is that paediatric dentistry never left “adult” dentists indifferent.

Professor Isaac Y. Novyk
Professor Aleksei I. Marchenko
Professor Mykola F. Danylevskyi noted

Serious research in paediatric dentistry have still begun in the Department of Therapeutic Stomatology of the Kyiv Medical Institute (afterwards known as National Medical University). Unique monographs and manuals have been developed on children’s treatment.
The monograph by Professor Y. Novyk published in 1971 on therapeutic paediatric dentistry has become iconic in the field of case study. His disciple Professor M. F. Danylevskyi et al. have created the monograph on paediatric periodontology that until now has no analogues all over the former Soviet states. The intensive development and specialization of the Departments of Therapeutic Dentistry, i.e. Endodontics Periodontology, Specialized Physiotherapy, Oral Mucosa Diseases, Neuro-Dentistry stipulated the breakdown occurred in 1977 into departments of Therapeutic Stomatology and Propedeutic Dentistry including course of Paediatric Dentistry. The latter inherited well-equipped foundation enabling to conduct the relevant process of training, the office
of the Head of the Department was taken by Professor O.I. Marchenko. He led the team having created a unique at that time manual for treatment of children’s dental diseases.
Increased attention to paediatric dentistry and the introduction into the nomenclature of the medical specialities such speciality as “Children’s Dental Practitioner” determined the need for creation of the separated Department of Children’s Dentistry. Pursuant to the Bohomolets Kyiv Medical Institute Rector’s Order no.17 of 16.January 1989 the Department of Paediatric Therapeutic Dentistry was founded. It was headed by Professor Larisa Oleksandrivna Khomenko. Since the Department has been founded a new efficient stage of teaching children’s therapeutic dentistry and prevention of dental diseases to the students of second – fifth year of study of the Dentistry Faculty has begun.

Document established the start of the Department

Leading Expert in the field of Paediatric Dentistry. T. F. Vinogradova ( Moscow) shares his experience
with the colleague arrived from Kiev, Professor L. A. Khomenko
(in 1990)

Methodological Department meeting for the first years of its existence

In 2009 the Department of Children’s Dentistry and Prevention of Dental Diseases of the National Medical University named after O. O. Bohomolets celebrated its 20 years anniversary.
As for a human being such age considered as youth.
For the chair is a bloom creative activities.