Bogomolets National Medical University

Child therapeutic dentistry and prevention of dental diseases

Research Scientific Activity of the Department

The one who enjoys practice without science is like the captain
walking on the board of ship without a compass
Leonardo da Vinci

Who at least once felt a breath of creative scientific inspiration that will always strive to get to know him again and again. Scientific activity it is continuous development, search, and the improvement is the integral part of life of the University, Department.

international Scientific and Practical Research Conference “Dental health for Children of Ukraine”, September 2007.

The main directions of scientific activity of the Department:
– the study of etiology, caries pathogenesis and its complications in children, diseases of parodontium and mucous membrane of the oral cavity, identification of the relationship between these diseases and the overall condition of the child health;
pathogenesis, clinical features of dental diseases in children, who live in conditions of the continuing influence of small doses of radiation,
pathogenesis, clinical features of dental diseases in children in different regions of Ukraine in the conditions of unfavourable environmental conditions;
– development of legislative acts of Ministry of Health of Ukraine on organizations dental care for children, development of standards and protocols of dental prevention Medical aid to children in the speciality of “Children’s therapeutic stomatology”;
– scientific justification for a, methodological and organizational support primary prevention of dental diseases in children in Ukraine.
The Department actively cooperates with many scientific institutions, clinical bases, where the joint researches are carried out according with the certain plan. The results of the research are summed up in defended dissertations, numerous publications, as well as they are actively implemented into practical medicine. Staff members of the Department take part in scientific conferences held within Ukraine and beyond its borders, in the work of congresses of the dentist association in Ukraine.

Speech of L. O. Khomenko at the conference in Moscow State Medical-Dental University

Ukrainian scientists with their Swedish colleagues in the Medical University in Malmö

Expanding international relations of the Department with the specialists and educational institutions in the field of Pediatric Dentistry. The significant event was the organization of International Scientific-Practical Conference “Dental Health for Children of Ukraine”, which gathered the leading specialists from different regions of Ukraine and Russia. During the conference the Ukrainian Association of Prevention and Paediatric Dentistry (UAPPD), Head. of the Department, professor L. O. Khomenko, was elected as the President of the Association. Expanding international relations of the Department with the specialists and educational institutions

the Managers of the Departments of Peadiatric Dentistry in Kiev (prof. L.O. Khomenko), Moscow (prof. L. P. Kyselnikova), Minsk (T.M. Terekhova) Vice-Rector in Moscow State Medical-Dental University, prof. S. A. Rabinovich

Kiev experts In the field of paediatric Dentistry, take part in scientific forums in other countries.
Creative search has been continued because “the borders of sciences are similar to the horizon: closer approaching to them, farther their folding” (Pierre Rishar Buast).

Facts and figures
During 20 years at the Department a number of dissertations have been defended, of which:
Candidate’s Dissertation-24.
More than 1300 scientific works published.
About 40 patents of Ukraine have been received.
3 certificate of copyright registration received.
Created 2 computer programs allowing to define risk factors of the occurrence of major dental diseases and purposefully appoint the means for prevention.