Bogomolets National Medical University

Department of Pediatric Infectious Diseases

Head of the Department

Sergiy Oleksandrovych Kramariov (date of birth: 12.04.54 р.),
M. S. D. (1991),
professor (1993),
Department of Paediatric Infectious Diseases (1994),
Honoured Physician of Ukraine (2004).



He graduated cum laude from Kyiv Medical Institute, the Paediatrics Faculty of in 1977. Since 1977 up to 1979 he studied in Clinical Residency at the Department of Infectious Diseases, within 1979 and 1989. – Assistant of the same Department, within 1989 and 1993. – Associate Professor, within 1993 and 1994 had an office of the Professor of the Department, since 1994. up to the present time – has occupied an office of the Head of the Department of Paediatric Infectious Diseases of the NMU.


In 1981 he defended his thesis, in 1991. He passed through his Candidate’s dissertation defense on the topic: ” Clinical-Pathogenic Importance of the Certain Biologically Active Substances and Systems of Haemostasis in the Presence of Acute Intestinal Infections in Children of Early Age”.

Author and co-author of 309 scientific works, 3 textbooks for students of the higher medical educational institutions of 5th – 4th level of accreditation, 9 manuals, 2 monographs and reference books for doctors, 15 methodical recommendations for doctors and intern-doctors, 18 patents for inventions. Under his leadership 4 Doctors of Medical Sciences and 13 Candidates of Medical Sciences have been trained.

S.O. Kramariov – during 1992-2010 worked as the Main Specialist of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine the on the issues of the specialization “Paediatric Infectious Diseases”, the Head of the Commission at the Ministry of Health of Ukraine on Final Assessment Conclusions in Cases of flaccid paralyses, the Ukrainian standards of medical aid to the children having suffered from infectious diseases in fixed and the outpatient hospitalizing conditions, the minutes on diagnostics and treatment of infectious diseases in children and adults had been prepared and implemented under his editorship.

S. O. Kramariov is the member of the Commission on Generating Orders of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine on the Issues of Infectious Diseases. According to the Instructions of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine S. O. Kramariov repeatedly headed the Commission on Elimination of Outbreaks of the Cases of Infectious Diseases among children in the regions of Ukraine, took an active part in the elimination of epidemic diphtheria, cholera in the 90’ies of the last century, as well as in the preparation arrangements for certification of Ukraine as the country clear of poliomyelitis. In 2009 he visited repeatedly over the regions of Ukraine for providing consultations and assistance to the patients suffered from pandemic flu.

S. O. Kramariov has occupied an office of the Expert in HAC of Ukraine on the issues of scientific specializations “Paediatrics” and “Infectious Diseases”, the Chairman of the Joint Commission of NAMS and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine on the Problems of “Infectious and Parasitic Diseases”, the Member of the Praesidium of the Association of Infectiologists of Ukraine, the Member of Specialized Academic Council for the specialization with “Paediatrics”, the Member of the Academic Council of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the Member of the Editorial Staff of 6 scientific and medical journals.