Bogomolets National Medical University

Department of Hygiene and Ecology №1

Students’ scientific club

Students’ scientific society is functioning at the department. Its coordinator is associate professor M.I. Boyko .

Report of the student at the society meeting. Awarding of the best member of the society by the diploma of the winner of department students’ scientific works conference.


Members of students’ scientific society permanently present their works at students’ scientific conferences , take part in Ukrainian Students’ Competitions on subject ” General hygiene ” and Ukrainian Competition of students’ scientific research on natural and technical sciences and humanities.

Ukrainian Students’ Competition on subject “ General hygiene ” was held at the department in 2004 and 2005 years .

Members of the society take part in Ukrainian Students’ Competitions on ecology on a regular basis .

Student O.S. Shapaeva took I prize, and Shpak B.I. – II prize in 2010 year .


Winner of the Competition Gruseva O. presents her work.

Dean of medical faculty # 4 professor S . T .  Omelchuk and corresponding member of NAMS of Ukraine , professor V . G .  Bardov award student S.S. Garkaviy with first degree diploma (I prize, winner)


Participants and winners of Ukrainian Students’ Competition on subject “ General hygiene ” in 2004 year.

Ukrainian Competitions of scientific works on natural and technical sciences, humanities has been held at the department in 2009-2011 years .

Winners and participants of National and International competitions are the following members of the society of the department :


    • Radush G.V. ( first degree diploma in 2006 year ).
    • I I International conference of young scientists and students « Biomedical informatics, medical engineering and telemedicine ( new approaches, ideas and facts )» ( Kyiv, 2006 ) Radush G.V. – I degree Diploma .
    • Zagorodniuk K . Yu . ( first degree diploma i n 2007 and 2009 years ) .
    • Nagaluk Yu . V . ( first degree diploma i n 2009 and 2010 years ) .
    • Ukrainian interactive Competition of students’ scientific works by Pinchuk foundation ( Kyiv, 2010 ) Nagaluk Yu.V. – Diploma and I prize Winner .
    • Belikova Yu . O . ( second degree d iploma in 2010 and 2011 years ).


Since the moment of the Department establishment the integral part of its work is educational work with students. Scientific society is one of the established forms of interaction between the scientific staff of the Department and talented students – future scientists. At the present time active members of the students’ society are the following students-activists:

    • Bigunets V.V.
    • Bormasheva M.V.
    • Danchenko I.A.
    • Endeli Endeli Arielle.
    • Karmazin Ya.O.
    • Naida A.V.
    • Potapova K.P.
    • Reznikov Yu.P.
    • Mitina O.V.
    • Moha I.M.
    • Neverovski A.V.
    • Pinchuk Yu.Yu.
    • Bayechko I.O.
    • Chebotarenko A.G.

In spite of direction of specialty (“curative affair”), the students should tended more to be members of clinical departments’ societies, but these students-activists do not forget about preventive direction of medicine and its hygienic basis.

Participation of the students in department conference.

Awarding by diplomas.