Bogomolets National Medical University

Surgery department Nr. 2

Social and educational work

The main purpose of education and training of young people is to create favorable conditions for the harmonious development and personal fulfillment that professed to human values ​​ and would be able to learn throughout life. It is a student educational work is particularly important because this time is final formation behavior and the dominant principles and priorities for the future life of a young man .. During the sessions emphasized the importance of respecting the,, chosen profession as a doctor – it’s more than just a profession. Regularly work with Student Government to create a sense of responsibility and appropriate psychological environment, deals with the discipline of students learning outcomes of independent work and behavior during the learning process in the classroom and at clinical department.

Department staff own behavior shows an example of ethics in everyday life .. Teaching Staff regularly conduct educational talks on topics hazards of smoking, alcohol abuse and drug use. Established in the department of educational system of positive results displayed in the absence of violations by students and in increasing professional awareness and success in learning.

Basic principles of the first educational robot and lectures and workshops on surgery:

– Patriotic education

– A healthy lifestyle

– Formation of world youth

– Active participation in social activities of the University

– Legal aspects.

Department staff highlight the achievements of the department and the University in the media:

– Speech on UT-1 prof. VM Short (2013)

– Speech on “Our health I” prof. IV Kolosovich (2012).