Bogomolets National Medical University

Department of Hygiene and Ecology №3

News of the department


Professor Korshun M.M. performs the practical class


Head at department, Doctor of Medicine, professor Garkavyy S.I. performs practical classes with students of the 4th course


Head at department professor Garkavyy S.I. acquaints the students from medical high school with the department


Assistant professors Kurinnyy I.L. and Muzychuk N.T. held the practical classes with students of the 6th course.


Assistant professor Tkachenko I.I. performs the practical classes with students


Assistant professor Filatova I.M. performs the practical classes with students.


Assistant at department Gorbachevskyy R.V. and laboratory assistant at department S. Rudenko process the data from chemoluminescence of experimental material


Postgraduate student Popenko V.M. performs the laboratory experiment on study of influence from highest water plants on post-treatment and disinfection of waster waters.


Assistant professors Kurinnyy I.I., Korshun M.M. perform the scientific conference with interns.