Bogomolets National Medical University

Department of Pediatrics №5


National O.O.Bohomolets Medical University celebrated its 170 Anniversary in 2011. Hundreds of famous scientists, including pediatricians developed this medical establishment. The staff of the Faculty Pediatrics (founded in 1944 by Prof. V.Balaban) play an important role. She chaired the Department about 20 years from 1944 through 1963. The pediatrics department № 5 continues the traditions of the Kyiv School of Pediatricians and works in the Kyiv Basic Hospital (Child Health Clinic) № 3 (21 Volynska St.). It takes its origin in the Department of Faculty Pediatrics which was founded by Prof. V.Balaban. Then, the Department was chaired by – Prof. I. Rudnyev (1963-1965), Prof. P. Gudzenko (1965-1982), Prof. P. Moschych (1983-1996; 2001-2003), MD V. Lukashuk (1996-2001). In 2003 the Department was divided – Pediatrics Department № 3 at the Medical Preventive Faculty was chaired by Prof. Yu. Marushko; Pediatrics Department № 5 at Medical Psychological Faculty – Prof. V. Lukashuk.

The Pediatrics Department started its activities after Great Patriotic War when Kyiv Medical Institute was returned after evacuation. It was initially called the Department of Infantile Diseases № 1 and ensured teaching of propaedeutics and faculty pediatrics; in 1944 it was renamed in the Faculty Pediatrics. The Department functioned in adverse post-war conditions at a time when was heavy child’s mortality; large forms of hypotrophy, dyspepsia, tuberculosis, including tuberculosis meningitis were widespread. The single clinical base of the department was the Child’s Hospital at lane Ch.Belinsky. In 1954, Gorodetska E. Was the Department Professor and she was also the Dean of the Pediatrics Faculty (1952-1957). Since 1955-1959 she chaired the Department of pediatrics of Sanitary Hygienic and Stomatological Faculties. A.P. V.Chebotaryova worked at this department in 1954-1959, then she led the Department of Propaedeutic Pediatrics.

The Pediatrics Department always existed in Child’s Clinical Hospital № 3 of Kyiv City Solomyansky District: hospital pediatrics (1963-1971), Faculty Pediatrics Department. In 1963 the Faculty Pediatrics Department was chaired by I. Rudnyev (clinical base of the department was the Child’s Hospital at lane Ch.Belinsky), then in 1965-1970 he chaired the Department of Hospital Pediatrics and the Child’s Clinical Hospital № 3 was the clinical base of this department. Since 1971 the main clinical base of the Pediatrics Faculty Department was Child’s Clinical Hospital № 3, and the main curator of the medical work was the Department Head P.Hudzenko. At this stage the clinical hospital № 3 functioned as the Paediatrics School of Advanced Experience. A specialized gastroenterology department was founded on its base, Nephrology Department of Child’s Clinic of the Scientific Research Institute of Urology and Nephrology functioned for a long time. Since 1977, G.Safonova works in the Child’s Clinical Hospital № 3, since 1985 – she was a Chief Physician, in 2004 she was awarded the honorary title ‘Honored Doctor of Ukraine’.

Lukashuk Victor has been working at the Department of Faculty Pediatrics since 1993.

In 1994 the Department of Faculty Pediatrics of the National O.O.Bohomolets University was reorganized in the Pediatrics Department № З of the Medical Faculty № 4 resulted from transfer to a new concept of medical education for general practitioner learning at medical faculty. In 1996 Lukashuk V. was elected as the Department Head. For first 2 years of his activities the Department achieved good results. A new curriculum pediatrics learning for 6 year students was developed. Handbook ‘Children heart failure’ is published; the department staff prepared a large number of chapters to the Pediatrics guide ‘Childhood Medicin’ edited by Professor P. Moschych.

Now, more than 8 years, the department has been effectively ensuring the activities of medical psychological, medical faculty №4 (Chernihiv Branch) and Dental Faculties.