Bogomolets National Medical University

Department of Pediatrics №5

Educational and Methodological Activities


Department of Pediatrics №5 provides training courses of pediatric series at medical and psychological faculty (3-6 years), Chernihiv branch of the fourth medical faculty (4-6 years), dental faculty (4th year) and the Faculty for Physicians Training for the Armed Forces of Ukraine (2-3 years).

Over the past three years, the department has been holding a cycle of Pediatrics for medical interns of particular specialties, psychologists, dentists. The Department provides courses for childcare, pediatrics propedeutics, nursing practice in pediatrics, pediatrics and infantile diseases within the credit-modular system of academic process, as well as pediatrics propedeutics, faculty, hospital pediatrics and infantile diseases within the traditional system.

The educational process sis organized at Child’s Clinical Hospital №3 of Kyiv Solomyansjy District, as well as in the Maternity Hospital №3, 7 Kuchera St. The methodological support of the academic activities is curriculums on appropriate subjects, abstracts of lectures, their multimedia illustrations, methodological guidelines to practical classes for students and teachers, bases of test, situational tasks for input, output, current, module controls, lists of questions for lectures, differentiated tests, semester and state theoretical and practical oriented tests, algorithms of practical skills.

The department regularly organizes ongoing, pre-modular, pre-exam collective and individual consultations. The students’ independent work is supervised by faculty.

The missed lectures are worked out by abstracting the given material, and practical ones are worked out in the clinic under the supervision of responsible teacher with further testing of the theoretical part with complex evaluation.

The question of classes attendance analysis and student’s progress, optimizing the teaching methods, preparation for PMC and other controls, such as license examination ‘KROK-2’, implementation of new pediatrics methods in teaching process are considered at meetings of the Department twice a month.

The teachers of the department have become co-authors of two typical programs on infantile diseases and Pediatric Nephrology, four – on practical training for students of 2-5 years of the Medical Psychology Faculty.

The department experience is generalized in six articles and extended educational methodological abstracts, which were prepared during last two years. They are related to the organization of independent work in KMSONP, optimizing propaedeutic and pediatrics teaching at 3-4 years, analysis of the students’ progress who are engaged in different educational systems, experience of short lectures on pediatrics at 4-5 years, key approaches to the development of PMC in pediatric subjects cycle.