Bogomolets National Medical University

Pathological anatomy №2


The Department of Pathological Anatomy №2 is the basic structural unit of the Bogomolets National Medical University conducting educational, educational – methodical, scientific activity, international cooperation and medical and advisory work on general and special pathological anatomy, educational disciplines “Pathomorphology” and “Section course”.

The department was established in February 2016 on the basis of the department of pathological anatomy, which was founded in 1841 at the medical faculty of St. Volodymyr University of Kyiv. The creation of the department took place in pursuance of the decision of the Academic Council on the reorganization of the department of pathological anatomy from June 24, 2015. The department is attached to the Ьedical faculty № 3 of the Bogomolets National Medical University and is a clinical department.

Head of the Department of Pathological Anatomy №2 – Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, President of the Association of Pathologists of Ukraine, Academician of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine Sergey Gichka.

The main organizational, educational, methodological and scientific issues of the department are considered at the meeting of its scientific and pedagogical staff.

The bases of the department: Kyiv City Clinical Hospital №1, Kyiv City Medical Center “Academy of Human Health” (street Kharkovskoe Shose, 121), educational building on the Mechnikova street 5, Communal City Clinical Hospital of Ambulance (Bratislavskaya Street3), Kyiv City Clinical Hospital №4 (Solomyanska St., 17), Kyiv City Clinical Hospital №12 (Professor’s Podvysotsky Street, 4a).

The staff of the department closely cooperates with teams of clinics, which are the bases for educational, consultative-diagnostic and scientific work. At clinical bases, practical classes for students of the 3rd and 5th year of medical faculties №3 and №4, 2nd and 3rd year of the foreign dental faculty, which study the disciplines “Pathomorphology” and “Sectional course” are conducted.

Scientific work: research of morphogenesis and pathological anatomy of infectious and socially dangerous diseases (influenza, tuberculosis, HIV- infection) in modern conditions. Optimization of pathoanatomical diagnostics of infectious and oncological diseases. Study of pathomorphology of endocrine diseases.

For educational and scientific needs, a sectional unit, a modern pathomorphological laboratory are used.

Address of the department: 02091, Kyiv, Kharkivske shosse str, 121
Tel .: (044) 560-89-70