Division of doctoral education



  1. Approving the PhD thesis theme

The PhD thesis theme must be approved within 3 months since admission of the PhD student.

List of the document required for approving the PhD thesis theme


  1. Taking the PhD exams:

The PhD exams are taken twice a year: from May the 1st till May the 30th, and from November the 1st till November the 30th. The documents required for being allowed to the session should be submitted from April the 1st till April the 30th, and from October the 1st till October the 30th.

The documents, required for being allowed to take the exams:

-An application;
-A personal card(with a photo);
-A certified Diploma transcript;
-A certified certificate transcript;
-A resume, schedule;
-An extract from  Scientific Council meeting protocol regarding approving the thesis theme;
-The previous PhD examination Academic Record.

  1. Performance review

On holding an experiment of conferring the PhD degree

Requirement for the thesis manuscript


  1. Announcement:

To the Chair Heads:

For timely management of the PhD and Doctor of Medicine Curriculum it is necessary to submit the paper application, approved by the O.Bogomolets NMU rector, to the Department not later than by the 30th of October

  • The PhD  entrance documents are submitted from August the 10th till August the 14th.
  • The PhD entrance examinations are held from August the 19th till August the 21st (Foreign languages, specialty examination).
  • PhD students are accepted to the course starting from September the 11th.



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Head of the Department:

Associate professor Hololobova Kateryna Oleksandryvna

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Senior specialist of the Department

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