Department of General Surgery №2


Head of the department

Ioffe Oleksandr Yuliyovych

Professor, doctor of medical sciences, surgeon of the highest category, Honored Doctor of Ukraine, member of the Ukrainian Association of Bariatric Surgeons, member of the Ukrainian Association of Metabolic Medicine, member of the Council of Ukraine of the International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders (IFSO).


The following students are trained at the department:

2nd course – “Patient care (practice) in the surgical department”

3rd year – “General surgery, including nursing practice, basic surgical skills in the surgical department”, “Fundamentals of military surgery. Theory and practice of surgical sutures”

3, 5, 6 courses – “Military field surgery”


Clinical bases of the department:

  • KNP “Kyiv City Clinical Hospital No. 3” (Kyiv, 26 P. Zaporozhtsia St.)
  • “Leleka” Maternity Hospital (Kyiv, 56 Kvitky Tsysyk St.)
  • KNP “Kyiv City Center of Nephrology and Dialysis” (Kyiv, 26 P. Zaporozhtsia St.)


Contacts of the department

Surgical Department No. 1 (044) 540-96-20



Mailing address:

26, Petra Zaporozhtsya str., City Clinical Hospital No. 3, Main (Surgical) building


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