Employees of the Department together with the dean of the Dental faculty

(bottom row – assoc. prof. V.M. Efysko, assoc. Prof. D.V. Topchiy, assoc. Prof. K.Ya. Peredkov, Prof. O.S. Volovar, corr. member of NAMSU, prof.V.O. Malanchuk, Dean, prof. N.V. Bidenko, prof. Ya.A. Kulbashna, assoc. prof. A.V. Rybachuk;

 top row – post. A. Javadiasl, assoc. prof. R.S. Palyvoda, post. Y.M. Mazurik, post. G.V. Zhurakivska, assoc. prof. I.S. Brodetsky, post. A.A. Boyko, ass. A.N. Huseynov, ass. V.V. Pererva, ass. N.A. Berezovska, assoc. prof. T.V. Dobriy-Vechir, post. M.V. Gorova, ass. I.G. Skvortsova, ass. M.V. Oblap, ass. N.A. Efysko, ass. G.D. Kucher, assoc. prof. M.A. Gordiychuk, ass. O.V. Chumachenko)

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Dental Medical Center Bogomolets NMU,



+38(044) 483-18-79, (044) 483-94-93





The Department was founded in 1920. It is a reference in the specialty “Surgical Dentistry and Maxillofacial Surgery” of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. The Department teaches students 2-5 courses of the Dental Faculty, prepares scientific and pedagogical staff.



Clinical bases of the department:

NMU Dental Medical Center, Department of Surgical Dentistry, “Medbuty” Private Clinic.

Publishing and organizational activities

From 1998-2020 the Department published more than 1600 scientific works, received 135 patents for inventions, published 6 textbooks, 14 monographs, held 26 scientific and practical events in the field (including with international participation), published 26 collections of materials on congresses and conferences, 6 doctoral and 27 candidate dissertations, 8 master’s theses were defended.

The main activities of the Department

  • surgical treatment of periodontal diseases;
  • tooth-preserving operations;
  • preparation of the oral cavity for prosthetics;
  • dental implantation, including in complex clinical cases (sinus-lift, enlargement of alveolar processes, distraction);
  • orthognathic surgery, elimination of anomalies of jaw deformities and pathological occlusion, normalization of the shape of the face and jaws;
  • treatment of fractures of the facial bones, various deformations of the facial skull;
  • removal of benign tumors of the face and neck, vascular tumors of the skin;
  • plastic, cosmetic, aesthetic facial surgery: correction of the shape of the jaws, bite, nose, lips, auricle, removal of wrinkles of the eyelids, face and neck, scars, removal – nonunion of the lips and palate, their secondary deformities, defects;
  • craniofacial surgery (together with neurosurgeons) – traumatology, oncology; 3D printing, CAD / CAE technology.

Achievements and developments

  • development of methods of maxillofacial anesthesia, treatment of inflammatory processes, congenital and acquired defects and deformities, introduction of modern diagnostic methods, computed tomography with three-dimensional reconstruction and subsequent production of models from polymer material by printing on a 3D printer for surgery planning (since 2013)
  • study of the properties of osteogenic progenitor cells by cloning (since 1986)
  • the phenomenon of heterogeneity of human bone marrow fibroblasts, new reparative properties of bone cells were discovered;
  • craniofacial and facial operations for trauma (since 1987), tumors of the maxillofacial area with spread to the cranial cavity (since 1995, at the Institute of Neurosurgery) were initiated in Ukraine;
  • new biologically substantiated methods of treatment of fractures of the bones of the facial skull – chin complex, lower and upper jaws, fronto-facial injuries, diseases of the temporomandibular joint;
  • restoration of the temporomandibular joint with an auto-joint from the patient’s foot (since 1986), distraction (increase in size) of the upper and lower jaws (since 1985);
  • study of reparative osteogenesis and biomechanics of facial bones in normal and fractures, other diseases;
  • microvascular reconstructive operations (since 1985, at the O. Shalimov Institute).





The Department took part in the following created in the USSR and in Ukraine:

– National Scientific, Practical and Pedagogical School of Dentistry, Surgical Dentistry, Maxillofacial and Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Dental Implantation, Regenerative and Digital Dentistry, School of History and Bibliography of Dentistry of the USSR for 1917-1958;

– Dental Institute and Dental Faculty of KMI-NMU (all employees of that time);

– 4 Clinics of maxillofacial surgery for children and adults (Krasnoyarsk-Krasnodar-Kharkiv-Kyiv) and 4 regional and regional scientific societies of dentists in the USSR-Ukraine (in 1950-1980) – Y.Y. Bernadsky;

– All major modern educational programs, textbooks and technologies for training students and doctors in accordance with the development of the profession;

– 4 Ukrainian professional associations – in 1994-2015. (UDA, UACMFS, VAPREH, UASO);

– 2 Research Institutes of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine (together with the President of the National Academy of Medical Sciences, Academician O.F. Vozianov) – State Institution “Institute of Genetic and Regenerative Medicine” of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine and “Institute of Immunology”;

– In the integration of domestic maxillofacial surgery and its specialists into the world professional community (in 1992-2020);

– In the integration of curricula of domestic Maxillofacial Surgery and its specialists into the world curricula of students and the professional community (1964-2020);

– In creation of 3 places of corresponding members of NAMS of Ukraine on a specialty “Dentistry” in competition of 2003. instead of 1 place (for 25,000 dentists) – they were received by professors K.M. Kosenko, L.V. Kharkov, V.O. Malanchuk;

– In the changed names of the Institute of Dentistry in Odessa to: SI “Institute of Dentistry and Maxillofacial Surgery of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine” (2015);

– For the first time at the Department received the Prize of the President of Ukraine for young scientists in 2017. (A.V. Rybachuk);

– For the first time in the history of medicine of Ukraine received the “State Prize of Ukraine in the field of science and technology” for 2019. ” in the field of “Medicine” (Dentistry) by two employees of the department from 7 members of the author’s team (V.O. Malanchuk, S.A. Schneider, O.V. Denga, M.S. Drogomiretska, I.P. Mazur, A.M. Lykhota, A.V. Rybachuk) from 4 state professional institutions (SI “IDMFS NAMS of Ukraine”, Bogomolets NMU, Shupyk NMAPE, MMA MD of Ukraine).

Employees of the Department took part in:

– Combat operations with weapons in hand during the Civil, Finnish, Great Patriotic War, other wars – employees of the relevant time in specific conditions;

– Treatment of the wounded (mostly in the face) during the wars (Civil, Finnish, Great Patriotic War, Afghan war, various local military conflicts, events on the Maydan in 2014, in the ATO-OOS and others) on the front, on the Maydan (2014), in medical hospitals and hospitals hundreds of thousands of wounded servicemen of the Red and Soviet armies, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, civilians of Ukraine (1918-2020);

– Work with students on liquidation in May 1986 consequences of the Chernobyl accident (V.A. Malanchuk);

– Made own repairs of 2 clinical offices and classrooms in the clinic of NMU in the amount of about $ 20,000, purchased equipment for the department in the amount of up to $ 2000 (1995-2018), about 55 textbooks and other book editions were published without university funds;

– Work in the state commissions for the investigation of plane crashes (Spitsbergen, 1996; Thessaloniki, 1997) – received gratitude from the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and a gift from the Royal Criminal Police of Norway (V.O. Malanchuk);

– Organizations receiving humanitarian aid from the University of Oslo, Norway (1997), the Municipality of Athens, Greece (1998), Germany (1998), the Netherlands (1999) in the form of equipment and consumables totaling about $ 100,000. USA (V.O. Malanchuk, N.A. Berezovska, F.F. Vozny);

– Preparation of draft decrees, orders and instructions of the President on important issues of humanitarian policy of the state in accordance with specific instructions in the field of responsibility of the Department – biosafety, medical care, preventive and regenerative medicine, vaccination, youth policy, adoption of children deprived of parental care (including interstate), physical culture and sports, tourism (in 2002-2005) etc.;

– Monitoring the work of 4 ministries and 1 state committee of Ukraine on humanitarian work (2002-2005); improving the monitoring of the health of athletes of Ukraine, promoting the appointment of athletes to higher sports achievements of state scholarships; preservation of state ownership of the National Youth Health Camp “Young Guard” in Odessa (2003-2004);

– Registration and creation of the university clinic of Odessa Pirogov State Medical University (2003-2005) as a model for other institutes;

– Organization and holding of many state events of different levels, in state commissions in the areas of: medicine, biological security of the state, youth policy, education of children and youth, physical culture and sports, tourism, incl. green and international;

– Training of dentists for practical medicine and scientists for our country and many countries of the world (USSR-Ukraine) – all employees of the relevant time;

– A memorial plaque of prof. Y.Y. Bernadsky in Kyiv;

– Assistance in the work (as an assistant) to the rector of NMU (2013-2014) and the President of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine (since 2015 – A.V. Rybachuk);

– Organization of the Council of Young Scientists of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, and its cooperation with the Council of Young Scientists of NASU, Taras Shevchenko Kyiv State University and NTUU “KPI” (2015-2020 – assoc. Prof. A.V. Rybachuk).

It was:

– The issues of scientific development and practical use of local anesthesia, local potentiated anesthesia, neuroleptanesthesia (NLA) and anesthesia in maxillofacial operations (1919-2020) were resolved; treatment of osteomyelitis of the jaws, tumors, fractures of the facial skull, congenital and acquired defects and deformities of the jaws (1919-2020), other diseases of the craniofacial area – all employees of the relevant time;

– Initiated international scientific professional cooperation of dentists, dental surgeons, maxillofacial and craniofacial surgeons, plastic surgeons of Ukraine, dental implant doctors with professionals from other countries (1964-2020) – all employees of the time;

– Provided admission of more than 80 experienced and young maxillofacial surgeons of Ukraine in EACMFS, IAMFS, AO, ICOI, to other professional associations of the world and their internships, training abroad (since 1964);

– Systemic biological, etiological-pathogenetic-pathophysiological, regenerative, functional, mathematical and biomechanical components and directions of specialization development, immunological support of planned operations (1977), distraction method in facial skull surgery (1985), facial microsurgery, 1985 – maxillofacial traumatology (1987) and oncology (1995) etc.;

– Modern scientific dental implantation was restored (advice of Prof. Y.Y. Bernadsky and Prof. S.Y. Kryshtab, together with the Department of Orthopedic Dentistry – V.O. Malanchuk and V.V. Los’, December 1977);

– Immunological, cellular, regenerative, genetic and computer researches and technologies in a specialty (from 1977-1985) are begun – V.S. Astakhova, V.O. Malanchuk, O.L. Tsilenko, I.S. Brodetsky, K .Gorytska;

– Organized about 30 congresses under the auspices of scientific organizations of different levels (NASU, NAMS, NMU, UACMFS, EACMFS, UASO) with international participation;

– New osteogenic precursor cells of human bone marrow (6 types), basics of human bone tissue regeneration (1995-2002) were discovered – together with “SB ITO NAMS of Ukraine” (Prof. V.S. Astakhova, V.O. Malanchuk, O.L. Tsilenko);

– Removed the elephant tooth of the Kyiv Zoo “Boy” (2000), the imposition of a plaster splint on a monkey with a fracture of the front paw (2002);

– The role of connective tissue in the pathology of the temporomandibular joint of man (in 2000-2012) and its projection on the iris (O.S. Volovar, V.O. Malanchuk, O.O. Kryzhanivska) was discovered;

– Implemented (2019) creation in NMU at the Faculty of Dentistry of a new educational specialty for 2nd year students of the faculty – “Introduction to Clinical Dentistry” (V.O. Malanchuk, O.S. Volovar, N.V. Bidenko);

– The image of the country’s physicians has been increased – to 3.5-4-times increase in the number of physicians awarded various state awards (in 2003-2005);

– Defended doctoral thesis – 27, candidate – 95; about 100 textbooks, monographs, collections of abstracts were published; received certificates of discovery – 2; copyright certificates of the USSR (about 55) and patents of Ukraine – only about 220; scientific publications – more than 2000;

– Prepared scientific and pedagogical staff (more than 10 people – prof. L.V. Kharkov, Assoc. prof. L.M. Yakovenko, 4-5 assistants, doctors and others) and the creation of NMU on their basis for the first time in Ukraine in 1994 new department – Department of the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery of Children (Y.Y. Bernadsky, V.S. Kovalenko, the whole department);

– In 2015-2019 to create a Department of dentistry in NMU FPE was transferred from our department to the new department to 10 employees and trained promising youth (without discussion, coordination and consideration of the needs of our department) – reduced by 6 the number of clinical offices in the dental clinic of NMU, removed from the department 0.5 rate and Maxillofacial Department in City Kyiv Clinical Hospital of Emergency care, which significantly worsens the conditions of all types of work of our department.

Distinctions, achievements of the staff of the Department

  • “Honored Scientist of the Ukrainian SSR” – 1 (S.N. Weisblat);
  • Two Orders “Badge of Honor” – 1 (V.S. Kovalenko);
  • Received a gift from the Norwegian Criminal Police – 1 (V.O. Malanchuk, 1996);
  • Academician of the Surgical Academy of Sciences of Armenia – 1 (Y.Y. Bernadsky, 1998);
  • Red Pennants of the winners of the socialist competition – 17 (Y.Y. Bernadsky, V.S. Kovalenko, P.V. Khodorovych, others, until 1991);
  • Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine – 1 (V.O. Malanchuk, 2003);
  • Gold Medal of the International Organization “Intellectual Property” – V.S. Astakhova (2005);
  • National Award “Best Woman-Inventor 2005” – V.S. Astakhova;
  • Awards: Order of Merit III degree – 1, Order of Prince Volodymyr the Great III degree – 1 (V.O. Malanchuk), title “Honored Worker of Science and Technology” – 1 (V.O. Malanchuk); title “Honored Doctor of Ukraine” – 2 (V.S. Astakhova, 2003; K.Ya. Peredkov, 2008);
  • Presidents, vice-presidents of the national Ukrainian professional associations (UACMFS, UDA, VAPREH, UASO) V.O. Malanchuk, Y.A. Kulbashnaya;
  • Diploma of the Presidium of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine 2 – K.Ya. Peredkov (1996), V.O. Malanchuk (2009);
  • Bernadsky Medal – 1 (2015); Medal of St. Apollonia – 1 (2017, V.O. Malanchuk);
  • Laureate of the President of Ukraine Award for Young Scientists in 2017 – 1 (A.V. Rybachuk);
  • Medal “For Scientific Achievements” of NASU – 1 (V.O. Malanchuk,); Medal “Agapit Pechersky” NAMS of Ukraine – 1 (V.O. Malanchuk, 2019); “For sacrifice and love for Ukraine” – 1 (V.O. Malanchuk, 2019);
  • Winners of the State Prize of Ukraine in the field of science and technology for 2019. – 2 (V.O. Malanchuk, A.V. Rybachuk);
  • They have honorary awards, thanks, diplomas of the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Education and Science, the Cabinet of Ministers, the Security Service of Ukraine – 14 employees;
  • Jubilee medals of the Soviet Army, to the “1500th anniversary of Kiev”, “Veteran of Labor”, others – more than 40 employees;
  • Acknowledgments: Ministry of Health – 2 employees, Kyiv Mayor – 7 employees;
  • Honorary awards of members of foreign trade unions – 5 people;
  • Members of European, International and national associations – 34;
  • Professional awards of foreign profile associations – 1 (2006, ICOI, DGSA, 2008, V.O. Malanchuk);
  • Filed in the APU for the honorary title – 2 people (O.S. Volovar, N.A. Berezivska, March, 2019); Thanks to the Academic Council of Bogomolets NMU, Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry – 11 employees.
  • In addition to the above, many other things were done that are useful for the medicine of the world and Ukraine, for the Dental faculty and Bogomolets NMU, for patients, students and doctors.




1 Zoologichna str., Kyiv

Dental Medical Center of the Bogomolets NMU