Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care

Since organization of department the main direction in its scientific activity was the study on problems of anesthesia and postoperative intensive therapy at patients with peritonitis and pancreatitis. The candidate’s dissertation, defended in 1980 by Tsertiy V.P., was devoted to that topic. The result from performed researches was the implementation of such new methodologies as hemodilution and artificial diuresis, artificial localized hypothermia, methods on balanced correction for disorders in water-electrolytic balance and acid-base balance, protein nitrogen metabolism, rheological properties of blood that allowed decreasing the lethality at patients with peritonitis by 12% into practical health care. Since 2002 the department was managed by Doctor of Medicine, professor Felix Semenovych Glumcher. Since 2004 the department has the name “Department of anesthesiology and intensive therapy”. The new stage in development of department is characterized by active work of the head and all employees within a wide range of scientific interests, practical medicine, and academic methodological direction. The department takes an active part in the activity of Association of anesthesiologists of Ukraine, which President is Felix Semenovych, publications of periodical scientific editions: journals “Pain, anesthetization and intensive therapy” and “Medical abstractive review journal”, guidelines, textbooks and handbooks. The corresponding sections describe the activity of department at present stage in details.

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