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Responsible person – the head of department, doctor of medical sciences, Professor Hayova LiudmylaVolodymyrivna (phone: (044) 454-39-20, e-mail:



Participation of the department staff in international conferences.


November 18-19, 2019, Tokyo (Japan) hosted an international conference “WORLD HEART SUMMIT and International Conference on STD, HIL, AIDS, and INFECTIOUS DISEASES”, which had more than one hundred specialists worldwide in the field of research of dangerous infections.

The introductory part of the inauguration and the speech of the speakers of Asia was opened by the Chairman of the Conference Committee, Professor Hiroshi Ohrui (Yokohama University of Pharmacy, Japan).  He stressed the importance of the problems of the conference, because, unfortunately, the diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis, AIDS and other infectious diseases is very important for all countries of the world today.

During the second day of the conference, reports from prominent European and American scientific schools has been presented.  Great part of reports was devoted to discussing TB treatment. Bogomolets National Medical University presented at this institution a report “Evaluation of the risk of hepatotoxic reactions during the treatment of tuberculosis, depending on the genotype of cytochrome P450 (CYP2E1)” from a team of authors: Professor Hayova L.V., Professor Natrus L.V., postgraduate student Osadchuk Y.S.  Researchers have provided the results of their own research performed at the Research Institute of Experimental and Clinical Medicine, on the genetically determined features of hepatotoxic reactions in patients with tuberculosis depending on the polymorphism of the CYP2E1 gene.

In her report the Head of the Department of Bioorganic and Biological Chemistry, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Lyudmila Hayova ascended the relevance of the study of pathogenesis and features of changes in the body of patients with resistant and multidrug-resistant tuberculosis, which is detected in every 4 patients in Ukraine. The speaker provided unique data on the likely protective role of CYP2E1 gene polymorphism in patients with TB, which reduces the number of metabolites of anti-tuberculosis drugs and thus reduces the development of hepatotoxic reactions, which may be the basis for personification of therapeutic regimens in clinical settings.

The report about the unique results of Ukrainian researchers has started debate and considerable interest from international scientists. Confirmation of this was the proposal of the famous international journal Archives of Infectious Diseases & Therapy to cover the results obtained in the form of an article.






Senior lecturer of the Department of bioorganic and biological chemistry of Bogomolets NMU, Obernikhina N.V., participated in the international conference “2019 IEEE 39th International Conference on Electronics and Nanotechnology (ELNANO), section – BIOMEDICAL ELECTRONICS AND SIGNAL PROCESSING” with a report about “Fluorescence probe for the investigation of influenza of ribonucleosides with d-mannitol”.




On May 16, 2018 assistant of the Department of bioorganic and biological chemistry Ishchenko Alla Anatoliivna took part in the international, scientific and practical conference with the report about “Ecological and hygienic problems of the sphere of human activity”.






Head of the Department of bioorganic and biological chemistry of Bogomolets NMU, at the conference “GLOBAL PROGRESS IN THE TREATMENT AND PREVENTION OF AIDS AND INFECTIOUS DISEASES”, ROME, ITALY

Head of the Department, Professor Liudmyla Hayova took part in International Conference on Infectious Diseases and STD-AIDS 2018 which was held on 26-27 of April in Rome, Italy. The theme of the conference was “Global progress in the treatment and prevention of AIDS and infectious diseases”. That conference appeared to be base of discussion of modern and future ways of treatment such diseases, as tuberculosis, chicken pox, influenza, typhoid fever and AIDS. Leading physicians, clinicians, educators and researchers performed their own ways, experience which rely on evidence-based medicine and cutting-edge investigations. The report of L.V. Hayova was “Study of joint action isoniazid and vitamin B6 on the condition of liver during of treatment of guinea pigs with experimental tuberculosis” was dedicated to the study of compatible action on liver of isoniazid and vitamin B6 during the treatment of guinea pigs with experimental tuberculosis. This research is very important, considering the protection of people against tuberculosis. The research using combination of mathematical and experimental models leads to the resolving of two problems: understanding the pathogenesis of experimental tuberculosis affecting guinea pigs and using the information the interpret the information for the people’s benefit. Using of experimental model of influence of isoniazid and pyridoxine hydrochloride on guinea pigs, in the case of destructive tuberculosis, may help to determine optimal dose ratio to avoid complications. The report aroused the interest of those present.





On April 24-26, 2018 fellow of the Department of bioorganic and biological chemistry, candidate of chemistry sciences, senior lecturer Obernikhina Nataliia Volodymyrivna participated in the 2018 IEEE 38th International Conference on Electronics and Nanotechnology (ELNANO-2018), held in Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute with report entitled: “Topological index of electronic structure of conjugated substituted bis–oxazoles and their spectral–luminescent properties” where micro- and nanotechnologies, signal transmission processes were performed.




On 19-23 of September, Paris, in the Institut PasteurEMBO Conference Tuberculosis 2015 was held. MD, Professor of the Department of bioorganic and biological chemistry of Bogomolets NMU– Hayova LiudmylaVolodymyrivna participated in the conference from Ukraine.







In September 2016, MD, Professor of the Department of bioorganic and biological chemistry Hayova L.V. participated and received a certificate at the International Scientific Conference “Modern Technologies for the Production of Organic Pure Products for Sustainable Agricultural Development” held in Georgia.